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Team Information

We ask that all teams plan their travel in and out of Haiti on Saturdays.  Team leaders should work with their team members to secure travel that puts the entire team at the Port-au-Prince airport at close to the same time.

Emergency Contact Information


More About You

Why Haiti?
I understand that Mission of Hope International will provide meals for me daily, according to their menu selection and that they do NOT provide individualized menus based on dietary restrictions or choices. I also understand that there may not be opportunity or availability to purchase special item in Haiti. I agree to bring my own nonperishable foods with me to augment the prepared meals.
I understand that Mission of Hope International is not to be held responsible for expenses incurred by illness or accident during or subsequent to my stay in Haiti. I agree to provide my own personal accident/health insurance.
I agree to abide by both the written and verbal instructions of Mission of Hope International and their leadership. I understand that failure to do so may submit me to an early departure from Haiti at my own expense.


Checks should be sent to
Mission of Hope International
PO Box 884
Gardner  MA  01440

Payments may also be made online at

I understand that the cost of staying at MOHI is $600 for 7 nights, $85 for each additional night and is to be paid at least one month in advance of my sheduled stay in Haiti. I further understand that a $100 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a date/space at the missionary compound in Haiti and that no guarantee of room will be given until such deposit is received.

All information contained herein is accurate and true, to the best of my knowledge.


Thanks for submitting!


All those wishing to come to Haiti for 1-2 weeks as part of a team should complete this application and pay their $100 nonrefundable deposit.  Please answer all questions accurately and completely.  Incorrect information may result in the rejection of this application.  Do not purchase airfare until your application has been approved.

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