Northern Visits, Haiti Blessings

Our time in Akron ended last week with a special visit from our friends, Roger and Linda Putnam. We met their son, Josh, many years ago in Haiti. He and his friend Ryan had run into some challenges and contacted us. They asked if they could come spend 2 or 3 days with us to help. They ended up staying for over 3 weeks. They worked so hard that we kept asking them to stay longer. Finally they had to leave. Our first trip to Akron we stayed with Josh's parents. Today we consider them special friends and are always blessed when they turn out to see us. Monday we headed to Toronto, Canada with our Mission USA friends, Fred and Sandy Muffet. They have been asking us for years to go see

Akron and Haiti

Our time in Akron has been short, but bountiful. We have loved connecting, once again, with so many who have visited Haiti over the years. They started as visitors, but are now friends. Fred and Sandy Muffet, from Mission USA set up an itinerary that has kept us busy. We have been staying with Steve and Cindy Brown in their beautiful home on the Portage Lakes. First order of business upon our arrival? A boat ride, of course. Along with the Browns and the Muffets, the Stiles (Tim and Tammy) joined us for dinner. Saturday the men went shopping (you know, Lowes, Home Depot, Harbour Freight... the kind of shopping that I'm not too big on) while I joined some of the ladies for a luncheon.

First Week of School

It's always so exciting to see the new school year begin. I still remember the early years of school at MOHI. We'd have about 10 - 15% of the students show up the first week. Little by little that number would increase until finally, by the end of January, we would have all the students present. Today, we might have 10% who don't come the first week and we are at 100% by the start of October. This discipline has never been pleasant, but this is just one of the reasons that our students have such a great track record with National exams. Alicia had a fabulous first week of school with her "American" school, being held at the missionary compound. She has six students in preschool through

Come See Us

There is excitement in the air with the anticipation of the new school year beginning this week. Planning meetings with our teaching staff are complete. Parent meetings have happened. Supplies are in place. We now await the students and the first bell. Alicia starts MOHI Educational Cooperative classes tomorrow with the missionary kids. We are excited to also have a new Haitian/American family from Grand-Goave joining us. The families all met together last night with Lex and Alicia. What a blessing to see Angie and Alicia helping each other, despite “job descriptions.” Angie took the kids upstairs so the parents could meet without distraction. She’s also liberal with her input as th

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