Hope On the Move

Our hurricane relief efforts continued this week in the city of Port Salut. In addition to medical clinics... cleaning up... and distributions of food, water, and clothing... we were able to construct two homes for families who had lost everything. One family lost more than everything, when two of their three children were crushed beneath the rubble of their home. These homes cost $2700 for us to construct, using Haitian labor. Please consider making a donation towards building another one. Sadly, we now know where people have been sleeping: In tombs, water cisterns, and natural caves. In the midst of these really difficult situations, we had some special visitors from Charlotte, NC arriv

The Elephant

Can I share some deeply personal and maybe not so positive thoughts with you? I know, I tend to be a positive person and don't like to dwell on difficulties. But sometimes it's just really hard to ignore the elephant in the room. I am so grateful to the Lord for leading me to where I am today. I wouldn't be anywhere else. Sometimes, however, it is a very difficult place to be. Lex grew up in extreme poverty. He didn't even go to school until he was ten and then only by the grace of a woman from Michigan whom the Lord used to sponsor his education and so much more. He tells stories of putting salt under his tongue as he left home to walk to school, trying to trick his tummy into thinkin

Relief & Aid In the South

This past week was full. Our friend Chel Finn did a medical outreach clinic in Fonde Doux, along with the staff from our clinic. They saw patients with varying forms of illnesses and injuries. We are so thankful that we were able to do this, especially with Chel! Chel and Angie also worked together to create a thorough and detailed plan of action for cholera for the local area of Grand Goave, but also for general awareness purposes. We are in the process of translating it into Creole, and it will be read over MOHI’s radio station this week. Pastor Lex returned on Tuesday, and got right to work assembling a group and supplies to take a trip south, to help those most affected by Hurricane Matt

After The Rain

I asked Alicia to share with you all this week. I hope you enjoy her perspective on our week. Much love to you all from Renee in Haiti. This past week here in Haiti has been quite eventful. Category 4 Hurricane Matthew hit the country, with the southern peninsula getting the brunt of it. Matthew took his time coming to us, which allowed the word to get out faster to those throughout town and in the villages who didn’t know that the storm was coming. Still, there were many that were not aware a hurricane was even about to hit. Late Monday night into Tuesday morning, he hit us with rain and wind that continued until late Tuesday night. Here at Militon, branches fell, mangoes torpedoed down t

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