Actions Speak

Linda Robinson's time with us was slightly longer than the rest of the team from Bless Back Worldwide. She went on to work at the school where the students she worked with were from (in Leogane). Both students and patients left here satisfied and encouraged. I, too, greatly benefitted from Linda's expertise and am able to get around much better now thanks to some taping and exercises she prescribed. Thank you Linda! The medical clinic continued on this week, after the team had left. Beatrice, our librarian, brought her grandma in. The young man pictured below fell from a mango tree. Mango trees are HUGE! A twelve year old boy in Grand-Goave died when he fell from another mango tree th

Bless Back with Angie

Angie Shepherd, PA, shares tonight about the team from Bless Back International... This week we were blessed to host another medical team from Bless Back Worldwide in Charlotte, NC. It’s always a special week for me when they come. Somehow, I manage to be totally exhausted and rejuvenated at the same time. Seeing the familiar faces of old friends is so encouraging for all of us missionaries in Haiti. The plan for the week included running the medical clinic, a men’s health conference, a woodworking project for the men, and a dental team. On Sunday, between the morning and evening church services, the team ventured out into the Galet and Ti Paradi, the neighborhoods surrounding the guest hous

Reaching Out and Blessing Back

Peter & Esther Plastridge stayed on after the Christian Leadership Academy. They were able to visit the southwestern part of Haiti to witness the destruction and bring a little bit of relief, in the form of clean drinking water. Remember you can still help, too. Donations are needed to continue bringing roofing materials, building houses, and distributions of food, water and personal/household items. They also worked alongside Holger and Sigrun to begin preparing a garden at the missionary compound. The mission has other gardens, but they are more geared toward the Haitian mainstays of things like mais, beans, and bananas. This garden, Lord willing, will produce things like lettuce, tom

In HIS Presence

The Christian Leadership Academy was an amazing moment in time for many. Dr. Ron Thomasson, his wife Ruth, Peter and Pastor Esther Plastridge, Pastor Rex Holt, Pastor Nick Acker, and Dan Lee each brought forth timely messages that challenged and encouraged. The wonderful laughter was seasoned with quiet, contemplative moments. Pastors from the north, south, east, and west of Haiti often sat on the edge of their seats in anticipation. Other times they were jumping and dancing with joy. Hundreds, who came from far away, were housed at the school. There, Madame Pastor Edon and many women from the church made sure they were served breakfast and had all their needs met before descending to th

Beginning a New Year

Happy New Year! I'm just infused with hope and encouragement for this new year, 2017! This morning, as my husband was preaching (and I was translating for Angela's young cousin, Ethan), I found myself processing into English what I had heard in Kreyol: 2017 will be a year of revelation - of understanding things we never understood before. Now, I don't know about the entire Body of Christ, but I believe that this word is significant for those of us at the MOHI church. I am excited to see and understand more than ever before! Holger and Sigrun prepared a special meal for us and made everything fancy. How blessed we are by their skills in the kitchen and their sense of hospitality and aest

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