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As often is the case, there's just a whole lot going on around here. God is good and He is revealing that goodness and kindness all over MOHI. I so enjoyed Pastor Lex's message this morning in Thozin. He pleaded with us to choose Christ today, while there is time. Leave the excuses behind and take a leap of faith! Peter stepped out of the boat to walk to Jesus on the water. He didn't say, "Oh I don't know how to swim. I can't come to Jesus." No, he took a step of faith and Jesus reached out and saved him. I love how the Bible is applicable to everyone. A message about salvation, preached on a Sunday morning may seem like "preaching to the choir". But we're all in a different place i

US to Haiti

Hi Everyone!!! I just arrived back to the MOHI Missionary Compound in Haiti, as the sun is going down. I had a good stay in Massachusetts, tending to my "mother of the bride" responsibilities, meeting up with some of you, attending the Light of Hope Rehearsal, and TOTALLY getting blown away by the Superbowl. What was THAT?!!! Wow! I met up with Lex in Charlotte on Tuesday - just as a big storm started in Boston. We had several different meetings with our friends and partners at Bless Back Worldwide. They were so gracious to us with delicious meals and a MORE than comfortable bedroom suite to stay in. We especially enjoyed our time dreaming, brainstorming, and planning how we can contin

Super Season

In America, and especially in New England, Super Bowl Sunday mania is in effect today. Being a Native New Englander, I have to admit I am routing for the Patriots and am hoping for a repeat of two years ago. Now go back SEVEN years, and I had just returned from Haiti - almost a month after surviving the devastating earthquake that destroyed 70% of our city. My biggest concern coming home was that some unsuspecting soul would start talking about the superbowl, sending me into a tailspin that that would end with me telling them how ridiculous it is to even CARE about the superbowl. I mean, seriously? Hundreds of thousands just died. Millions are without shelter. Thousands have lost limbs.

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