Bring It On!

There have been a lot of changes in our lives over the past couple of years and there are some major events about to happen. It's really exciting, but it's also a lot to handle at once. I do covet your prayers at this time. The biggest change? Our kids have been living in the States without us. Many thanks to their fill-in parents, Dr. Gary & Melissa Lee, and Revs. Paul & Cheryl Minor!!! These couples and their families made sacrifices to really enable our kids to transition into life in a different culture, without mom and dad, and into adulthood. Lex and I are so grateful. I have to admit, however, that "Empty Nest Syndrome" rots! I much prefer the "Terrible Twos!" Our son, AJay, i

Good News for All

We're just finishing up the Women's Conference at the MOHI church in Thozin. Here's a video from the married women's group performing this morning. This year Angie, Alicia and I were all privileged to share what the Lord put on our hearts with those attending the conference. It occurred to me that these words of encouragement might be helpful to you, as well as to those in attendance. So, I have decided to share the "Reader's Digest" version of them with you today. From Angie: - Our #1 identity is in Christ, no matter what other ways we describe ourselves here on Earth (2 Cor 5:17, John 15:5). -Life gives us obstacles, both big and small, that can challenge us to act like a Christian. -Th

Joy in My Community

I've never been so challenged and yet so content in my life, as I have been over these past 17 years in Haiti. I love watching the Lord's needlework (as in creating a tapestry) all around me, as well as in me! His handiwork is breathtakingly beautiful! When I moved to Haiti, the Haitian people at church, in the school, and in my neighborhood became my community. We didn't have a whole lot of expats in our community and the ones that we did have were all busy with their own work. Besides, I didn't really see a need for putting effort into finding a way into their lives. I was learning about Haitian culture from the experts - my Haitian friends. Today, however, I am thrilled to be part of

They Cannot Repay You

Yesterday, I was able to go out into Grand Goâve with Bobby and Sylene to meet the families that have at least one family member with a phys

A Time to Remember

Senior Class Trip The highlight of our week was our senior class trip to Monrouis, north of Port-au-Prince. Many young people living in the provinces have never been to a nearby city, nevermind traveled to a different part of the country. This trip was educational in every way, as well as being enjoyable. The students all rode in the bus, donated by Mission USA and the Chapel (Akron, OH). They arrived in their school uniforms and were quickly seated in the conference area. The former minister of Health and presidential candidate, Dr. Josette Bijou was the presenter. She came specifically to meet with our students. As the minister of health, Dr. Bijou addressed the United Nations about p

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