Making Love Known

A team from Crosspoint Ministries (Atlanta, GA) and Angie's home church, Freedom House (Charlotte, NC) spent this week with us in Haiti. They were a very energetic group of folks and Angie was their full time host. She made it and they had a wonderful week. God is so good!!! And His love knows no boundaries! The team did several VBS/Kids Camp sessions with kids from several villages near Thozin, as well as St. Etienne, and Ti Gwav. Nothing expresses love so clearly as sharing your time and giving your attention to the object of Christ's affection. (Click to play the video below to see love in action!) They visited some of the folks involved in our L14 ministry in their homes, spending

How Valuable is Your Health?

I know, most of the time we take our health for granted - until it's threatened. However, whether we choose to make good health decisions or not, we tend to be very health conscious in the USA. My generation was not so much so, yet we still learned an awful lot about health. I was taught some basics from my youth... Over the years we have learned so much about staying healthy, that many of us (especially the moms!) won't even take medicine prescribed by a doctor unless we've thoroughly researched it first. Many of these health basics that we take for granted every day are not commonly known and understood by our neighbors here in Haiti. What's especially difficult is discerning what is g

Gap Year - 7 Great Opportunities

Fill in the Gap! Are you, or someone you know, planning to take a year off between high school and college? College and grad school? School and starting a career? Consider these Gap Year opportunities with Mission of Hope International! You're sure to have an amazing experience, it will look great on your resume next year when you decide to continue your education or begin your career, and it will change you from the inside out. These are all volunteer positions. The ones in Haiti are full time, with flexible break times, and will require fundraising to support yourself in Haiti. US opportunities can be full time (self supporting or raise funds) or part time (you could work a part-time

18 Years - Not 18 Days

Here at Mission of Hope International we all know that as soon as school is out for the summer, it's time to get ready for the annual conference in Thozin. This conference is steeped in MOHI history and has consistently been a community builder within our church. Sure, there's great preaching, practical workshops, great times of worship, and fellowship, but for the MOHI family it's a great time of working together to serve others. This is our 18th year of inviting churches from near and far to come partake of the feast. Preparations are extensive. The classrooms are scrubbed and silk flowers are washed. Walls are painted and benches are repaired. Menus are planned and ingredients are p

The Education Hub

We've had some great brainstorming and goal setting meetings recently with staff, advisers, and professionals working with us for love of the people of Haiti. More and more, who we are as an organization is coming into clearer focus. Education is the hub. Everything we do is not only about making a difference today by filling a need, but it's about planting and cultivating seeds of knowledge that will effect people for years and generations to come. I absolutely LOVE to see people come to MOHI in Haiti to see for themselves the work that is being done here. Even more than that, I love to see them make an impact on people's lives. Everyone has a different idea of what a mission trip shoul

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