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The US Wedding... Wedding planning has many rewarding experiences involved, but overall, it doesn't make it very far on my "favorite things" list. The wedding ceremony itself, however, rockets straight to the top. In some ways, this ceremony was very typical of Alexis' life - she's never been alone. There's always others watching out for her. Even in the ceremony there were five different ministries directly involved in blessing, advising, directing, and celebrating with her and Alain, and many others who laid hands on them and prayed for their marriage. Wedding guests came from Haiti, Germany, Canada, and the USA - beyond New England friends and family flew in from Oklahoma, North Caroli

More Prayer - More Trust

I want to thank all of you who reached out to us, as Hurricane Irma passed to the north of Haiti. The island has experienced a lot of rain, but the brunt of the storm stayed over the ocean. As I'm writing this post, Irma is unleashing her fury on Southern Florida, as our thoughts and prayers are with our friends there. We are asking the Lord to keep them safe and cared for in the midst of it all. Let's join our faith together in prayer today. Mission of Hope International schools in Haiti opened this week. Were your kids excited for the start of school? So were ours - all 800+ of them! This is a huge week for me, our family, and our daughter Alexis in particular. The "BIG" day (aka wed

Join in Prayer

Watching and Praying Now that I experienced Hurricane Matthew and the devastation left behind, I have a greater respect for how dangerous such a storm can be. Watching the reports as Hurricane Harvey approached Texas provoked me to prayer and brought tangible emotions to the surface, as I remembered the fears that came at me as those intense winds were blowing. I was so thankful for the Spirit of God's presence that dispelled that fear and inspired me to pray for my neighbors. Our churches in Haiti are joining us now in praying for everyone whose lives are being impacted by Harvey, as I'm sure you are, as well. We are also keeping an eye on Hurricane Irma, which is currently expected to h

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