Blessing Back

Lex had a great week with Bless Back Worldwide's group in Haiti. Their medical team found our preschoolers to be in really good health. That would not have been the case 10 years ago. Praise God for His goodness to all of us. He provides for every need! Our 7 year old friend, Christneider, took his first steps walking in the clinic at MOHI. What a thrill for the team and staff to be a part of that. Here's Lisa McCloy helping him venture out on two feet. Many different medical conditions were encountered and treated throughout the week. The outreach in Petit-Goave presented an opportunity to educate the community about health, as well as taking care of specific needs. We had fun, inform

The Journey

Welcome Bless Back Worldwide Lex is back in Haiti and has been joined by a great group of women from Bless Back Worldwide in Charlotte, NC. They are troopers! They arrived in Grand-Goave last night and were up bright and early this morning to attend church at Eglise Evangelique Mission of Hope. Lisa McCloy, who is leading this team, shared words of encouragement with the church this morning as she introduced her team. Our community is so blessed each time they join us. Pastor Hakine Pastor Hakine is also back in Haiti. We thoroughly enjoyed introducing him to friends, old and new, in New England and Ohio. Here he is with Pastor Lex at Steve & Cindy Brown's home in Akron: Thozin Church

Hope and Circles

Sometimes... okay, often times, difficulties come our way. They seem to be designed to eradicate all glimpses of hope. And yet, because of the death and resurrection of the Christ, Jesus the Messiah, hope simply cannot be snuffed out - for He IS our Hope. Years ago, flying to San Francisco from Dallas, I found the scenery below me so unique - well, compared to the greenery of the east coast, the water-scapes of the Atlantic, and the mountains of Haiti, that is. I even woke Lex up several times to show him the crazy circle landscapes below us. It took me a while to figure out the circles were formed by the reach of the water getting to the crops. C.S. Lewis once said, "The task of the mod

Feeding the Hungry

Nothing thrills me quite so much as seeing people come together to accomplish God's plan. More often than not, events planned by Mission USA's leaders, Fred and Sandy Muffet, manage to be utilized for just that. After spending some time with us in Haiti last winter, Fred started talking about the need for another bus in Haiti. He and Sandy figured it would take a couple of years to raise the funds to purchase a bus, fill it with needed supplies, and ship it to Haiti. Days after returning home Fred came across the perfect bus. It wasn't too much later that this bus was purchased and sitting in his yard. When the hurricanes hit in the Fall, the bus was used to collect cases of bottled wate

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