Happy New Year

VOCATIONAL TRAINING I love being a part of God's work at MOHI in Haiti! For the last couple of years, we've really had vocational training in our hearts and on our minds. The sparks started flying when World Wide Lighthouse Missions sent us teams to do sewing and carpentry classes. Bless Back Worldwide followed suit with cosmetology classes. Holger and Sigrun Kraft were finishing up 3 months with us when they coordinated with Mission USA on the culinary classes. As most of you know, they returned this Fall to continue with the culinary program. It's so thrilling to me to hear Holger and Sigrun talk about the classes, the students, and the products they are creating together. The enthus

Unto Us a Son is Given

Progressing with the Gathering Place There are still 11 days remaining before the start of our annual Christian Leadership Academy. Our construction crew has been working night and day on the Gathering Place, in hope that we can have it ready in time. You, Friends, have already donated $12, 330. Now it's time to get the roof on! Will you help us to raise the final $7,670 to complete it? Help us to reach our goal and have the Gathering Place ready to receive our guests come January 4th. Please don't delay with those end of year gifts. Click the link to the right to donate right now. Thank you! Here you can see some more of the progress... Christmas in Haiti Our students, staff, and mis

Gathering Without a Place

DEMOLITION COMPLETE A lot of work was accomplished this week at MOHI's Thozin campus! The temporary chapel has been fully demolished and construction on the Gathering Place has begun. It may not look like much now... ...but soon it will be beautiful! This morning the church gathered outdoors for worship. The band stood on the porch of the school. The congregation sat below on benches between the school and the clinic. Service began a little early in order to be done before the sun got too high in the sky - at which point we would have lost all our shade. We're grateful it worked, but we know the church needs a Gathering Place. Pastor Edon has been asking the church to give and many have.

Christmas Came Early

Christmas has come early for all of us at MOHI! Spread Hope Our first shipment of peanut butter has arrived at MOHI! Thank you to all who donated and especially to Worldwide Lighthouse Missions for all your support! Spread Hope Peanut Butter Drive is still going on until Dec. 31st! Donate a jar today! The Gathering Place We have received $10,080.00 so far for the Gathering Place! Thank you so much for your donations for this project! We're half way to our goal of $20,000! God is so good! Demolition of the temporary structure begins in the morning. We're expecting a GLORIOUS Christmas Eve service in the new building. Don't delay. If you would like to donate, please click here now. New Bus

22 Days Till Christmas

As we come into December, I realize this will be the first Christmas in years that we will be spending in New England as a family. Growing up we always traveled back to Haiti during the winter months. Some family friends would have a "Christmas" for us. It was memorable for AJ and I. I remember we LOVED to play in the snow and eat fresh snow with maple syrup. Winter was fun, but spending most of our time in the tropics did not make us fond of the icy New England temps. Years later we are both adults at different points in our lives. One of us is in school and working the other settled down and expecting their first child. What's a better time to come together for a White Christmas? As yo

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