Are Missionaries Normal?

I remember my first few months back in the US. It was my senior year of high school, I was still getting used to being away from Haiti and adjusting to "American life". The first couple of months were quite difficult, but once I got over that hump I absolutely loved my experience of living in the US. When I first arrived in the US I remember I went to put a meal wrapped in foil in the microwave and my host mom almost had a heart attack when she realized what I was about to do. Thankfully I didn't burn the house down! As a teenager who lived in Haiti most of her life there were many "common sense" things that didn't occur to me. As time went on I adapted and got the hang of this "American li

Use Your Skills

What are your skills, professions, or hobbies? This week as I was going through team member applications I noticed that each individual had a such unique skills. As I scanned through them I would have cool ideas of things that each person can do while they are in Haiti. Whether they were a plumber or had a hobby of making jewelry I still could think of quite a few things they could do utilizing their skills. Just because you don't have a college degree, not a teacher, a pastor, or a doctor doesn't mean that your skills can't be useful on the mission field. I encourage you to take time this week and really think about what you would like to accomplish this year. Is visiting Haiti on that list

The Next Generation of G3

CLA Sweetness Early in the week, we said "Bon Voyage!" to our dear friends who joined us for the Christian Leadership Academy. Returning ministers, Dan Lee, Eleanor Kalinsky, Rex Holt, and Nick Acker once again were such a blessing to me personally. We had deep, meaningful conversations full of encouragement and iron sharpening iron. We also had some great times of laughter and fun. I'm so grateful for the wonderful friendships that have been formed among us. I'm grateful too, for our first time visitors (Jerry, Jeff, Donna, and Lee). Each added something special to our time and I pray the Lord will bring each one back to us again. Team G3 It's been a great week with team G3 from centr

The Anniversary - year eight

It has been 8 years since a major earthquake rocked Haiti. The emotions of that day are never far from the surface. That raw fear and sense of hopelessness was as tangible as the heavy smoke of trash burning. Our lives were hanging in the balance. So many were lost. So many hearts were broken. So many remain broken even now. We all were so touched by this horrific disaster – by the decimation of entire cities and by the stench of death. Have you ever literally smelled death? That’s not just a phrase for use in a storybook, it’s a reality. It’s a stink that is so revolting that it can literally cause us to vomit. After the earthquake, people would put toothpaste under their noses ju

Christian Leadership Academy 2018

It was an unusual week of weather here in Grand-Goave, just like it has been for many of you where you are. Florida in the 30s overnight. Gardner, MA (our "other" home) was at -7 this morning. Brrrrrrr! Here, it has still been warm, but we've had a significant amount of rain during the day rather than our normal bright, sunny days. This, along with a major fuel shortage in the country meant that many of those planning to travel to Grand-Goave for the Christian Leadership Academy were not able to make it. That certainly didn't keep the Lord from showing up in all of the meetings, though. Each minister's message seemed to dovetail with each other. Pastor Rex Holt began the event with a m

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