If you've heard my husband preach more than once, chances are you've heard him tell a Billy Graham story. So many around the world have been celebrating his life this past week. A physical life completed and an eternal life continued in Jesus' presence. Billy Graham was someone we could follow as he followed Christ. The humility and integrity he walked with was an example to all of us. He showed us that you don't have to be arrogant and self-righteous to show others you know what you're talking about. His life lined up with the words he preached. I'm sure that his family and close friends are saddened by his passing. I can only imagine, though, how incredible he's feeling right now. H

How to deal with "Haitian Time"

Wake up at 5:30 AM Workout at 6:30 AM Breakfast at 7:30 AM Daily Coffee at 7:45 AM Start work at 8:00 AM Leave work at 5:30 PM Dinner at 6:30 PM Watch TV/Clean house/other at 7:30 PM Bedtime at 10:00 PM REPEAT The schedule above is roughly what most Americans have. Everything is scheduled, timed and fast. Over the years witnessing teams come down to MOHI, I've found that the hardest thing teams try to cope with is "Haitian Time". The definition of Haitian Time is everything is nice, slow, and carefree. As long as the thing gets done, no rush. "How do you deal with the frustration of scheduled activity not starting on time?" You don't. You enjoy the time you have. Focus on what you are here f

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