The most amazing thing happened to me this week. I became a grandma. Alante Joshua Michel arrived at 8:46 Friday morning. At 21 1/2 inches he weighed a whopping TEN pounds! Lex and I were with mom and dad throughout the long laboring process. All of us are so proud of Alexis. She endured much and truly rose to the occasion. She's a trooper. Lex and I are so proud, too, of our son-in-law Alain. He will be an incredible dad - and already is. Alante is handsome, of course, and already seems so good-natured. Most of his awake time is spent in his daddy's hands, as he sings, prays, and talks with him. His mommy is so attentive to him. Even his little gurgles as he sleeps are not lost o


Under the Choukoun This week I posted this picture on the MOHI Facebook page and asked people to share some of their memories from under the "choukoun." The responses varied from enjoying the cool breezes while sleeping under it to times of prayer and worship to sewing for the students and eating mangoes. Most people visiting MOHI in Haiti work really hard throughout the day. It's such a blessing for them to begin and end their days here. The memories made under the "choukoun" are lasting and often bring peace in the moment of remembering. Do you have a significant memory from under the "choukoun"? Please take a moment to share it with me here. Thank you! Danielson Danielson was born wi

Catch the Vision - Dental

After a very busy season, it was almost quiet at MOHI this past week. (The key word there being ALMOST!) Spring seems to have sprung in Haiti. I realized today that "Spring" to me means trees budding, crocuses popping up, birds making lots of noise as they return from their southern homes. To Haitians, however, it's usually associated with lots of wind - which blows dust everywhere - which often leads to colds. Often times it destroys crops, too. Quite a different picture from mine. Here's what the missionary compound looks like this evening. Can anyone say MANGOES?!!! Soccer Field We hired a back hoe and operator this week to continue working on the Thozin soccer field. Of course,

The Owls Have Returned

In the Beginninig... Last year we had 6 full time missionaries. In the evenings, oftentimes a few of us would enjoy some games together (board games, cards...). At one point we began listening to the Chronicles of Narnia on audio book while playing. One of my favorite parts of the audio book version is found in the Silver Chair. The chapter is called "A Parliament of Owls". I love how the narrator interprets the owls speaking. He never just says "two," "knew," or "true," but he says, "two-HOO," "knew-HOO," and "tru-HOO" in a sing songy "owly" voice. After listening to that book, we would use the same verbiage whenever we were announcing a two in one of our games. It always made us gig

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