2018 Women's Conference

Hi, it's Alexis! I'm so happy to say that I am back from maternity leave! Becoming a mother has been such a blessing! My Alante is now a month old and how much he's grown in just a month is mind boggling to me! Thank you all so much for your overwhelming love, support, and prayers. My family and I truly appreciate it. (My mom insisted that I share another picture.) Sunday School When MOHI church first started we didn't have Sunday School for children. Now, two hour long Sunday morning church services are not that exciting for younger kids. My brother AJay and I would often make excuses and go out into the church yard with our friends and play. Most of the time an adult would come and scold

Sa'k Pase?

That's a Haitian Creole phrase that means, "What's Up". Let me share with you a little about sa'k pase... The Little Man Lex arrived back in Haiti yesterday. I thought you might like to see who's been taking up so much of our attention over the past few months (even though he's only 3 weeks old). Here's our sweet little man, Alante: He was such a big boy that, after over 24 hours of hard labor, he needed to be delivered by c-section. And may I just mention here that I thank the Good Lord for c-sections? (Many of us wouldn't be here without them!) Alexis is recovering very well, mothering well, and looking more like her amazing self! During these three weeks, our son-in-love, Alain, has

YOUR Mission in Haiti

School was back in session this week. We have some really great students! And, of course, our staff has a lot to do with that, too. As I strolled down memory lane with some friends this week, I realized that change is now embodied in our students. Attitudes are changing and there is so much more hope being embraced for the future. As a whole, our students truly believe that, with the Lord's guidance, they can realize their dreams. Our class sponsors have everything to do with this growing hope and continuous change. Their generosity is providing training and salaries for the teachers, chalk for the classrooms, maintenance for the building and yard - the basic foundation for their educa


Happy Resurrection Day everyone! Friday was a dark day of suffering, as Jesus was beaten, crucified, and died...Saturday, a day of confusion as all the hopes and dreams the disciples held dear seemed gone forever as their Master and Friend laid in the tomb...Sunday, the day of power as resurrection power brought Jesus back to life and reconciliation became a reality. There are seasons in life when it's Friday or Saturday, but never forget or lose hope, for Sunday is coming!!! Although last week was Easter vacation at the MOHI schools, you certainly couldn't tell at the Thozin campus. Many soccer games were enjoyed each day on the "still under construction" soccer field. Each afternoon spec

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