Pondering Smiles

God is so good and always remains faithful! I’m so grateful that He orders our steps. We may decide what we want to do, but His timing can be amazing. [the pondering smile] Lex and I had planned to drive from Massachusetts to Florida and fly to Haiti from Fort Lauderdale. However, some things came up and we needed to change our plans. It worked out fine, as we found a reasonable flight from Worcester to Fort Lauderdale in the evening. [the pondering smile] The day we were to fly to Florida, I awoke to a message from JetBlue, informing us that our flight had been cancelled. Long story short, they refunded our Worcester flight. We ended up with our preferred flight (direct from Boston

All in a Name

Today I'd like to start out with some reflections about fathers... Daddy... That's what I've called Lex for the past 21 years. (I call him Hon, Honey, Babe, and Lex, too!) Our kids call him Dad or Papa, but I find myself always referring to him as Daddy. There's a special caring connotation to that name that always hits a soft spot in my heart. For the past 18 years, I have watched him juggle managing thousands of students, clinic patients, government authorities, employees,d visiting teams, and, and, and... Somehow, he has managed to remain "Daddy" above it all. He's really quite remarkable! (Yes, I'm very partial!) Dad... Bernie Rosen was my dad. He was the twinkle of light in a ver

The Scoop

Welcome back to Haiti, Chel! She's been flying solo all week. Today AJay joined her and will be hosting the rest of the G3 team this coming week. As you can see in the picture below, our staff loves seeing return visitors. Feyo and Chel are old friends now. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Miriam. She's been busy all week taking inventory of our dental supplies. We are so excited to begin working with her to help our community, as well as our students. Please keep the new dental program in your prayers, as there are many details to work out. The best is yet to come!!! Welcome, too, to Dr. Sergeline. She is here to replace Dr. Emmanuel, who has moved to Florida with his family. We mi

Graduation Coming

It's a festive and intense time of year for our students. The end of school is marked by special presentations and final preparations for graduation. Those preparations include studying for exams, as well as practicing speeches, dances, poems, songs, skits, and more. There's lots of energy on campus right now and we love it! Emmanuel and Junette are both high school seniors who started with MOHI in preschool. What a blessing it will be to see them walk across the platform to receive their diplomas this month. Would you join us in praying for them and their classmates during these busy days? Thank you. We are excited to have made a payment toward purchasing the backhoe! We have $7000 m

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