Normal or Not

The team from Covenant Day School arrived at MOHI in Haiti last night and shared with our church in Thozin this morning. We are excited about getting going again on the aquaponics project in Thozin in the morning. Be sure to LIKE us on Facebook to see photos of their time with us this coming week! How wonderful for me to be back home in Haiti!!! The weather has been lovely. Our students, staff, and friends seem to be happy to see me. I'm certainly happy to see them! I've been working from an office in the library and that has been so much fun. Friday was my first day back to the school and it was "color day." The preschoolers were all in the Gathering Place having their normal Friday

Loving to Learn

We're in our 19th year of school at MOHI in Grand-Goave. Over the years, I have seen such a hunger for learning develop in our students. Where once there were certain "amazing" students, today it seems that MOST are those "amazing" students. Our teaching staff, also, has taken a step up - no longer satisfied with just the status quo, they are eager to learn more and be better teachers this year than they were last. Lex and I are nearly beside ourselves with excitement for this school year. Changes, although challenging in and of themselves, certainly will bring great improvements. We see anticipation in our students and staff. Hope seems to increase year by year and with it, more and m

The Best is yet to Come!

We've had a great start to school over the past 2 weeks. I love this picture of "the guys" posing. The tallest boy in the picture is Kendy. It just thrills me so much to see him towering over the other boys. When we first met Kendy, he was maybe 3 years old. He was TINY and suffering from parasites, malnourishment, hunger, and a broken heart as he was living in an orphanage, separated from his parents. God had other plans for Kendy, though. Today he looks very healthy, is going to school, and has started his own business. He is living with his parents and siblings and he is full of hope. Many of you can feel good about the Lord using YOU to accomplish His will in Kendy's life. I look

Celebrating Faith and Love

The Summer season ended on a great note, with the championship soccer match last Sunday. The field was full of spectators. The winning team (Thozin) and runner up (Adoken) were thrilled to receive their awards. A great time of community rejoicing was experienced by all. All of us at MOHI felt so blessed to be able to provide the venue for this summer-long event. Back to school time at MOHI has been a joy to witness! Our older students had a change of uniform this year, as the school's administration chose an orange and grey color scheme. Attendance was amazing (not the norm when school starts up in Haiti) and school spirit very was high. We changed the school entrance this year so that

End of Summer

Our administrative staff has been working long hours preparing for tomorrow, when the school doors open for the 2018-2019 school year. I love the sense of expectation that comes with this season. Staff and students alike look forward to the new year's "empty slate" that will become a new chapter in our lives. We are confident the best is yet to come!!! Pastor Lex has been busy, too. Here he's making a ticket for someone to get some supplies for the start of school. If you are interested in providing a scholarship for a child whose family simply would not be able to send the child to school, please contact us. A full scholarship costs $300 for a year. It can be paid at one time or $25/m

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