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Our construction crew has been busy over the past few weeks. The school students now enter the school from a side entrance that keeps them well away from the main road - and dangerous traffic. There is currently a staircase very close to that entrance in the middle of the walkway that is used to access the classrooms above the medical/dental clinics. We looked for a different way to access the second level and decided on building a ramp between the main school staircase and that second level. We are happy with the results and look forward to removing the old staircase. What a joy to see Pastor Edon back in the pulpit in Thozin this morning! As you can imagine, it's been a difficult time

Blessed and Blessing Back

Hello Friends! I'd like to introduce to our team from this past week. These 6 medical providers came to us from Bless Back Worldwide. In the picture above, left to right, back to front are Mike, Ken, Evens (MOHI's doctor), Walt, Gina, Chelsea, and Kendra at the Medical Clinic at MOHI. Mike, Walt, Chelsea, Ken, Lisa (Bless Back's team leader), Gina, and Kendra at the missionary compound (aka Cayes Mirliton). Chelsea, Walt, Kendra, Ken, Mike, and Gina at the mobile clinic in Petit-Paradis. I was so impressed with this team's amazing skills and eagerness to serve. The worked in the clinic each day, as well as doing a couple of mobile clinics. Some of the team had the opportunity to work in t

MOHI - Never at a Stand Still

We had a very busy week with our friends from White Stone Church in Knoxville, TN and our new friends from Southern California, Pastor Baker and Jelisa. We read books with our preschool and elementary classes and held soccer camp, including a time of devotions and food. We put on a party for the disabled in our community. Preparing for it was great fun, too, as a few of the team members spent some time with our culinary students in the kitchen. We ended our time together with a time of prayer and food distribution in a local village. While the team was busy working, so was our staff. It was a great week in the schools. Some were learning math... Others were learning how to walk in a line..

Doing Alright

Yes, there was an earthquake in Haiti last night. Some of us felt it, but it was centered quite far from us in the north of Haiti. We felt a couple of little shakings again today, but again, they did no damage here. In the areas where it was strongest, it did some structural damage. Reports are quite conflicting. It seems there were some buildings that were badly damaged and perhaps some injuries, too. Thankfully, it was not comparable to 2010. It just so happens that I have had a couple of conversations recently about the earthquake of 2010. Seems rather ironic to start feeling tremors again. It's been over 8 years and yet the feelings are always ready to come rolling right back int

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