Welcoming Summer

National exams for our students have been an ongoing subject of prayer among our churches. The 9th grade students took their exams this past week. (They are relieved to have that done with!) The seniors will be having their exams next month. The rest of our students packed away their books and are enjoying their summer break. When the kids are in school they are fed daily, but for many the summer months bring hunger. Right now we are waiting for our shipment of food to clear customs so we can support the hungry through these summer months. We are grateful that we do still have a supply of peanut butter available to share with many who are facing difficulties with nutritional needs. Pea

Class of 2019

Pastor Lex has been (mostly) patiently waiting for his passport to arrive so he could fly back to Haiti for our school graduations. He was so thrilled to receive it in the mail this week and immediately headed to Haiti, arriving the afternoon before the Thozin graduation. We held kindergarten graduation ceremonies in both Thozin and St. Etienne. For most, this is a child's first big celebration of accomplishment. Parents, god parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends all show up to see the student perform and receive a certificate. The senior class of 2019 is the school's eighth graduating class. We are proud of the determination these students have put forth. They are so ful

Men of God

Happy Father's Day to all you dads! I hope you have enjoyed some time with family today and have been encouraged by the Lord to continue serving Him - reflecting HIS nature to your family and all those you come in contact with. How exciting it was to watch MOHI's Facebook Live this morning and see the new decor in the Gathering Place! Angie Sutton had the idea to make these with yarn to spruce up the platform. What do you think? (I LOVE them!!!) I've been sharing about the men in the church taking on more responsibilities and working together more. Well, this morning they sang a song for the church. Check out this video and notice how much the church appreciated them. Between these sha

Attitude of Gratitude

Hello Friends! Just about every day this week I have been reminded of the importance of gratitude in our lives. In the natural, it's important to let others know how much we appreciate them. It encourages people to continue doing good. Right? I look at this picture of the men at the church in MOHI scrubbing the floors and the benches and I am filled with gratitude. I do appreciate them so much for their hard work. I am also grateful to the Lord for the growth He has brought about in these men. The humility they are exhibiting and the care they demonstrate for their church just thrills me! I so appreciate that Jesus brought the Sutton family to Haiti to work with the Hands and Feet Proje

Rain Rain ...

It's been a very rainy week in Grand-Goave. The gardens are flourishing and our watermelons are already ripe! There is, unfortunately, a down side to all this rain. Our Thozin campus is located at the bottom of a mountain range. When it rains in the mountains, the water comes down like raging rivers, carrying the top soil, rocks, and debris with it. The drainage canal along the road quickly fills up with all of this and after a while there's no room left for the water. This results in local flooding. I am beginning to understand why there are such strict laws concerning wetlands and waterways in the US. Different construction sites up hill from us have caused varying issues on our prop

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