It was another good week at MOHI in Haiti! I was able to catch up on some office work, house work, and enjoy some of our students and staff this week. In Haiti, I never have to do anything alone. Here Sylene, Beatrice, and Yveline are helping me tear my kitchen apart. (I wanted to organize everything for Kaylah so she can find what she needs when she goes to make her dinner!) Among my favorite moments? Dreaming with Kaylah about what could be - and making plans to work toward it! Kaylah spent many hours this week preparing a professional development seminar next week for our teachers. I was happy to be able to share my "outdoor office" views with her, too! Lex has been out straight ge

Kaylah & Angie

Lex and I returned to Haiti this week and were joined by Angie Shepherd (who served in the medical clinic with us for over a year) and Dr. Kaylah Holland. It was so kind of Angie to accompany Kaylah to help move her in. She also shared many details from her own experiences with Kaylah, to help prepare her for the strange things she will encounter in this foreign land. I know I’ve shared about our excitement to have Kaylah join us for this upcoming school year, but in case you missed it… Kaylah recently earned a PhD and will be living in Haiti full time, coordinating administratively in the school. She will be working individually with each of our teachers, as well as with the administrat

February is Coming

When I look out over the ocean in front of the missionary compound in Grand-Goave, Haiti, it seems as though all the cares of the world that were pressing in on me are suddenly stilled or even washed away. The magnificence (and sheer quantity) of the water, the beauty of the sunshine glimmering off the waves, the cool breeze coming off the water, and even the people fishing and enjoying the water overwhelm my senses. I'm so grateful for God's creation and it's awesome alluring qualities. Where ever we are in this world, we can find something magnificent to take our breath away, remind us of the grandeur of the Creator, and bring forth gratitude and praise from our innermost being. We are c

Darkness is as Light to YOU

Summer has been hot in New England! It's pretty warm in Haiti, too. As you can see in the photo below, summer soccer leagues draw a lot of attention in our city. A big shout out and thank you to Lifeline Christian Mission for donating a ton (not just a lot, but literally a TON!) of dried beans to us last week. At a time when inflation is out of control and people are hungrier than ever, these beans will go a long way in supplying good bulk and nutrition to our neighbors. Carrying them all back to the mission was a challenge that Cherubin met head on! Our two main churches at MOHI are located in Thozin (Grand-Goave) and St. Etienne (Leogane). The first is more of a city community and the

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