Excitement in the Air

It's been a good while since we've spent more than a few weeks in Haiti at a time. Pastor Lex and I are both beside ourselves with anticipation and now rushing around a bit in our preparations to return. Our annual Christian Leadership Academy will be kicking off on Thursday with our dear friend, board member, adviser, and international prophetic minister, Dan Lee serving up the spiritual food for the attendees. We are so excited to see Dan's wife, Tammy return. Her first time visiting us was just before she received the news that they were expecting a long awaited child. Now she will be returning with that "child" - 15 year old Daniel and his younger brother, James. It's going to be gr

A Season of Giving

It's been a busy time this week at MOHI in Haiti. Tutoring of students heading to national exams, dental and medical care for our patients, maintenance projects, and more have kept our staff busy, while revival meetings have kept the churches busy - AND refreshed at the same time! Just as there are for most of us outside of Haiti, there are cultural expectations to be met during the Christmas season. Special meals, extra clean homes, visiting, and gifts are among them. As the country is beginning to come out of its previous "lock-down" state (a term coined by the opposition parties as they attempted to halt all commerce, vehicular traffic, institutions of education, and hospitals), many a

Haiti on my Mind

Countdown to Christmas "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" Our newest little one, Alexia, LOVES Christmas songs - especially the ones sung with more of an operatic voice style (O! Holy Night - Silent Night - Joy to the World...) This discovery translates into me singing more Christmas carols than I ever remember. It also means that Jesus is remaining more in the center of my thoughts throughout my days. I like that! I like that it's a season known for joy and that no matter the circumstances I know that I have great joy in my life because Christ was born! Drainage Solutions Any engineers out there that would like to help create a solution for us? Our main campus is located at t

So Blessed

The Good news this week is that some schools in the capital city of Port-au-Prince began opening this week. There were extra police patrols and, although attendance wasn't outstanding, it was encouraging to see some sense of normalcy returning. Unfortunately for our students in Grand-Goave, there was a concerted effort to keep schools from opening on Monday. Families, understandably gave into pressure to keep their children home still. We do hope to continue "underground-tutoring" for students going to national exams this summer. Would you please join us in praying for our students, for the country of Haiti, and for our local government in Grand-Goave? I am a firm believer in Romans 8:2

Hope for School Opening

A little more calmness was spreading this week in Haiti. Schools in some of the southern cities have begun to open. We are asking students at MOHI to return to school on Monday, so long as (God willing) the streets remain safe. We know that so many of you have continued to hold our students, friends, and neighbors up to the Father in prayer. Thank you! We so appreciate your support. Medical and dental clinics continued serving our communities this week. We so appreciate our staff. They have done their best throughout this difficult and dangerous season to be present for their patients. Pastor Lex returned to the States in time for a great event in our family. Our son AJay proposed to

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