Lex and I flew back to Massachusetts this week, after a very full time in Haiti. Here are some of the highlights from our trip... We were blessed with beautiful funeral service for Lex's mom. So many turned out to support our family and honor Madame Thermeus. We had the opportunity to introduce our grandchildren to the country of their heritage. Our friends in Haiti were so thrilled to meet them. It was also their dad's first time visiting MOHI and we enjoyed introducing him, as well. Rather than going directly to their honeymoon, our newlyweds, AJay & Cherie, came to Haiti for grandma's funeral. So many expressed their joy and "approval" at AJay's choice for a wife. Aside from all the

Mortality and Grace

How wonderful it is to see school uniforms on our main campus once again! This week our 9th grade and senior classes were busy in their classrooms, catching up on what was lost through the mostly absent school year. Like students throughout Haiti, these will be going to national exams, despite missing most of the year. They, their teachers, and their families have their work cut out for them. Would you add your passion to theirs by holding them up in prayer? Thank you! To say these students were thrilled to take jars of peanut butter home with them this week would be an understatement. We are so grateful to all of you who continue to share those jars of protein with us, so we can share

New Beginnings

God's favor and grace was once again evident to me all week long. I'm so grateful. This week we had the pleasure of seeing our son, AJay, marry the girl of his dreams - Cherie Engman. With the situation with COVID-19, we had to find a new venue and "settle for" a Monday wedding. The event was beautiful! AJay and Cherie managed their own wedding, with a lot of support from both families. The bride's family turned the hall into a fairy tale wedding venue. The groom, along with family and friends, put on an amazing spread for the guests. While Lex officiated the wedding, he was assisted by many of our friends in ministry: Revs. Paul & Cheryl Minor, Rev. David Tralango, Rev. Kevin Groder, a

Back to School Soon

The government of Haiti is allowing students who are going to national exams to return to the classrooms in just over a week (Aug. 10). Our 9th graders and high school seniors will be on campus once again! We are hoping the rest of the students can come back next month. Social distancing happens at church services, But not so much in every day life. You, our friends and partners in ministry, are heavy on my heart this week. There are so many difficult situations being faced during such uncertain times. I'm praying for you and trusting the Lord is growing us through it all. We will never be the same again...the best is yet to come!

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