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Check out the Tiles!

Tiling has started in the new school building.

Thanks to donations from our friends at Mission USA and Firebrand Technologies, we were able to begin tiling some of the floors at the school. The kitchen, bathrooms, downstairs hallway and two classrooms are covered. The floors are looking incredible! What a difference some tile makes! We have funding for two classrooms, but still need to raise funds for 6 more (along with the adjacent gallery areas) and the administrative offices. Would your office or church group like to help us finish the floors? Please consider holding a fundraiser to tile a classroom ($800) or the administrative suite ($1600). We are getting close to the end of this first phase of construction. Please help us to finish strong. Thank you!

Adam Holt and a small team from Kids Unleashed paid us a visit this week.

We have started up two more laptop classes for our primary students in Thozin. Cledson Jean and Davidson Edmond are leading these classes, thanks to some training from Sora Edwards. Adam Holt, who first launched the program for us, was here this week with a small team. I’d love to tell you exactly what they did, but… well… I’m not such a tech wiz. It had something to do with updating the XOs and doing something to the server. Adam spent some time with the kids and our new trainers, as well.

Leah and Tammy have been working long hours all week, inventorying clinic supplies.

This has been a really hard week for Leah, as she has taken on a huge undertaking: inventorying the medical supplies for the clinic. Tammy has been right in there with her, putting in long days. So long, as a matter of fact, that I heard they’ve turned into opera singers and no longer talk in the clinic, but sing to each other. (*smile*)

The new missionary kitchen is almost complete!

Boss Wiliere and his assistants put in a lot of hours this week, as well. They’ve been building cabinets for our new missionary kitchenette. For those of you who know the compound, it is located at the top of the stairs and will allow our long-term missionaries some flexibility with their meals. We get lots of compliments on the menu from teams coming in, but honestly, rice and beans, beans and rice, rice and bean sauce… We need to shake it up a little from time to time. And for Tammy and I, preparing meals for our families goes a long way toward making us feel like good homemakers, too.

Doald Haas and Marie Richard will be ministering at MOHI for just over a week.

We were happy to welcome back Donald Haas and Marie Richard. Both had been with us years earlier. Donald set up our recording studio and trained Maestro Odenet how to use it. Marie was here when the UN Peacekeepers first arrived in Haiti. I still remember all those Barbie dolls she brought with her and all those happy little girls who received them. This week they will be ministering in the Thozin church. They started out this morning, with a full house.

A great morning at church!

Love our babies!!!

We hosted a team from Mission E4 at the missionary compound this week. They were a pleasure for us to care for – very appreciative of our efforts and constantly lending a hand. It was a joy to see Scott’s older two children, Taran (along with his wife and 2 year old son) and Morgan. We thank God for like-minded, fellow servants. The night before they left, Lex and I brought one of the team members up to the Hands and Feet Project to meet Mark Stuart (former singer from Audio Adrenaline). To our surprise, the whole band was there. The Hands and Feet Project was ROCKIN’!!!

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