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Silver and Gold

One of the (many!) things I love about our work here is that we get to meet so many people and make new friends regularly. So often here, I am reminded of a song I learned way back in kindergarten! The lyrics are, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.” I thank the Lord for every gold nugget and piece of silver he has given us. Each of these friends is so precious.

This week we had LOTS of visits from many friends. Rick Scott and Ted Bronson returned for another visit yesterday. Among other things, they will be working on laying the carpet in the library/media center rooms.

Friends from the Hands and Feet Project with Mark Stuart, Rick Scott, Ted Bronson, Travis & Jamie Knipple and Jamie’s parents – what a great day!!!

Pastor Kevin and Tammy hosted a team of high school students from Nashua Christian Academy, which was led by their eldest son, Micah. We all enjoyed seeing Micah again. His last trip to Haiti was about 8 years, when Gama and Angela Parayson were married. Micah was Gama’s best man.

Gama and Micah

The team was involved in a variety of activities. Besides seeing the different campuses and projects that MOHI is involved with, they worked with the preschool classes, did village ministry and food distributions, visited orphanages, trained our students how to use our Kindle Readers, sang and played instruments in church services, and distributed soap and dental care kits. They also were matched up, one on one, with some of our high school students. Together they visited the open market, went to classes and enjoyed a beach day. It was really a great week for everyone involved!

Village ministry and food distribution

Working with the preschoolers

Nashua Christian Academy and MOHI students hit it off well.

Learning to use a Kindle Reader

A little sugar cane from the open market

Can you say ROBOTICS?!!!

Team from Nashua Christian Academy in the classroom at MOHI

Paul Berube, the pastor of Grace Fellowship of Nashua (NH) and chancellor of NCA, joined the team Sunday night. It has been many years since Pastor Paul has been with us in Haiti, so we were so pleased to have him back. It was a special time for Pastor Kevin and Tammy to host their pastor here, too.

Pastor Kevin enjoyed spending time with his pastor, Paul Berube, from Nashua NH

Sunday night in Thozin

When the team from NCA headed out on Friday, Pastor Kevin and Tammy’s other two children, Hannah and Ben, arrived to visit. I don’t know as that I’ve seen Tammy quite so happy as she is right now. As a matter of fact, the entire family seems quite jovial!

A Happy Groder Family!

It was a busy time for Leah in the clinic this week. Bob and Sally helped out on Monday, before they made their way home on Tuesday. There were so many people at the mobile clinic on Wednesday that Leah went back on Thursday to finish up.

Medical Clinic

We have been blessed with many friends in the Sri Lankan army, which serves in the UN forces in the Grand-Goâve area and beyond. They rotate out every six months and new troops come in to take over. Because of the great favor we have found with these men, each time a new contingent arrives in Haiti, the commander contacts us and comes to see what we’re doing. Often times, we share a meal together and talk about Sri Lanka, as well as the security situation here in Haiti. This week, the new contingent commander Col. Harendra, logistics commander Col. Jagath and Cpt. Nipuna stopped by to introduce themselves. Lex always enjoys telling the new commanders about the time he spent in Sri Lanka and figuring out what mutual friends they have.

The changing of the guard

Details on the school and clinic rooms are taking much longer than anticipated, however, progress is happening and things are shaping up very well.

Kitchen Cabinets

Micah preached at the church in Thozin this morning. It was a very encouraging message about telling our story. Each one of us has a story of what the Lord has done for us. It’s different than anyone else’s, so we really need to make sure we tell it.

Micah preaching with Cledson interpreting

Church this morning in Thozin

There are abundant signs that heading toward the end of the school year. Our kindergarten students have songs, poems, dances and speeches that they are working on for their graduation into first grade. The 6th grade class is preparing for graduation AND their first national exam. It’s a stressful time for them. Our 9th grade classes and seniors (split into two years in Haiti) are also preparing for national exams. 2nd year seniors also have preparations for graduation.

School Days

The 6th graders are preparing to graduate into high school.

We are grateful for rain in our area. Northern Haiti has been suffering from a terrible drought, but here in the south, we have had pretty regular rainfall overnight. You can tell by this picture that our crops are appreciating it! When the harvest comes, there will be lots of smiles and wet chins!

watermelon and corn are growing in our garden

We so appreciate all the prayers and financial support from our friends and partners. Thank you! Please continue lifting all of us here at MOHI in Haiti up in prayer. Pray for our students to do well on their exams. Pray for our missionaries that we find the strength and encouragement that we need from the Lord to continue working and walking in His joy daily. Pray for all of our supporters, that the Lord would continue to bless them and supply for their every need. Pray for wisdom for all of the leaders here at MOHI. And remember, we are praying for you, as well.

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