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Conference Time

Our annual conference was the focus of our week. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

This little guy was humming and using a piece of bread to cover and uncover his mouth. I did likewise with my hand. He wasn’t sure what to make of me.

Madame Chantale has worked with the Hands and Feet kids since before they even came to Grand-Goave in 2008. She loves children and she loves Jesus.

Angie Sutton and several of the kids from the Hands and Feet Project (including Romy playing the bass in the background) led worship during a couple of the conference sessions.

Pastor Manyol praying over the offering

Pastor Kevin kept the lyrics up on the screen.

Lex’s pastor from his youth, Revenais Jean Francois, prays to begin the service this morning

The married women’s group from the church in Thozin was really getting down to this song they sang.

Pastor Dan Lee teaching a workshop during the conference

There must be something very interesting on that tablet!

Breaking bread at the end of conference

Pastor Dan Lee ministering in an overflowing church this morning

Michelle and Sheevens – I LOVE this picture!

The ladies in the kitchen worked so hard all weekend to feed hundreds of people each day.


The church puts out a huge spread at the end of conference.

Pastor Dan Lee ministering to a pastor from Mirebalais

Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord

Pastor Kevin Saying goodbye for the moment

A singing group from the MOHI church in St Etienne


I just LOVE Madame Daniel!

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