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Busy Medical Ministry

Leah has been getting a good workout leading up to her trip back to the States. She’s has started training our Haitian doctors and nurse to be prepared to run the clinic without her for several weeks. She’s also had the pleasure of keeping Carly and Kristy busy this past week. Carly, Kristy and Leah all went to PRESCHOOL together! Carly now lives in Maryland and Kristy in California. They served all week with a great attitude and a joyful disposition. We are blessed to have gotten to know them a bit.

Medical Cinic in St Etienne

Carly and Kristy’s last hurrah!

This week, we are joined by a great team from Bless Back Worldwide, along with Dr. Daniela Diebel from Germany. They are here to do annual check ups on all of our students. They will also be involved in education during the week. Dr. Daniela’s brother, Nicci, has served with us on two occasions previously and recommended MOHI to his sister. This morning at church, Lex was asking the congregation if they recognized her. I suggested there may have been a young man that has been here before that looks like her. Some of the kids from the Hands and Feet Project said “Nicci!” Hopefully they will have the opportunity to visit with Dr. Daniela and ask her all about their dear friend Nicci.

Bless Back Worldwide Team

The water tower project in St Etienne is progressing. Just like our school in Thozin, this building will have lots of concrete and reinforcing steel bars in it to support the water on top.

Work on the Water Tower in St Etienne

It was so nice to have the newly baptized church members join us for a communion service last sunday evening.

Welcome to the Family Hugs

Today we had another baptism service. Boss Blan, who has does construction work for MOHI and the Hands and Feet Project for many years, and Dalissia Grothe, who is serving this week with the team from Bless Back Worldwide, were both baptized this afternoon. Pastor Laramie and Andy Brooks assisted in the baptism. It was a glorious moment for everyone present!

Baptism Service in the Ocean in Front of the MOHI Missionary Compound

Here are a few more pictures from this week’s activities:

Students at the MOHI School in Thozin

The front of a funeral procession in Grand-Goâve

The MOHI Church in Thozin

View from MOHI’s Missionary Compound

Thank you always for your prayers and support.

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