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Haiti Here We Are

We’re back in Haiti. We had a blast visiting some of our supporting churches, family and friends, and making new friends over the past month. Many thanks to all of you who made us feel so welcome and honored, and especially to our dear friends, Paul and Cheryl Minor, who put up with our crazy schedule (and “kidnapping” our children) all month long. Thank you!!!

We arrived back in Haiti on Tuesday and, yes, it’s good to be back. I’ve made an office at home now, so I didn’t really see everyone until this morning at church. Of course I hugged half the church and was asked constantly, “How are the kids? How’s Alexis? How’s AJay? How’s the family?” … so on and so forth. I am thankful that I could answer that they are doing well.

Bruce greets the church in Thozin

Welcome Bruce and Vickee

We were delighted to welcome Bruce and Vickee Widbin to the missionary compound yesterday afternoon. Vickee is an RN who visited us about two years ago. She was such a blessing, working in the clinic with Leah. I think she’s been working on Bruce all these years and finally brought him down to Haiti to meet Lex.

Bruce’s goal is to hold a “Christian Business” seminar for some of the entrepreneurial types in our area. Bruce is just fascinating to me. His parents were missionaries in Papua New Guinnea, where he lived until high school. He has lots of fun stories to tell, of course, but I was particularly taken with the welcome he received a few years ago when he returned with his brother and both of their wives. People came from everywhere to welcome their plane and say thank you to them on behalf of their father. Their father had brought the Gospel of Light to them when they were living in utter darkness and despair. The Lord used their father to totally change these people’s lives and they were truly grateful. They were rejoicing, laughing, dancing, singing. Can you even imagine? It sounds to me like they had a little preview of eternity.

It was a very unique and humbling situation for them to experience. It thrilled me to no end. I have heard many stories of incredible (and often very difficult) situations from fellow missionaries, as well as living through some myself. It can easily feel like a thankless job, if you look at the circumstances surrounding you. But we choose not to do that. We are “looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.” (Heb. 12:2)

Bruce’s dad knew what he was working towards and WHO he was working for. What a wonderful legacy he left for his sons. For them, who know first hand the struggles that their parents went through, the hardships that they all suffered for the sake of the Gospel, to see the gratitude of human souls for that labor of love… I can’t even imagine.

I feel very honored to meet Bruce and to have the opportunity to spend this week with him and Vickee. I believe the Lord has brought him here, not only for those we minister to, but also for Lex and I. I suspect HE has some living water to share with us through Bruce and Vickee and I’m expecting something good from our loving, Heavenly Father.

Angie En Route

Angie with leaders (the “Lisas” and Melissa) from Bless Back Worlwide, sending her off with breakfast and a blessing!

Angie Shepherd, PA is leaving her “home” in the morning to begin living for Jesus in a whole new way. She will be living here in Haiti with us, while overseeing the medical ministry at MOHI. She comes from our wonderful partners at Bless Back Worldwide, in Charlotte, NC. Angie has made several trips to Haiti before and we are looking forward to gleaning from her expertise in the medical field. Get ready to hear some good reports from the medical clinic in the upcoming weeks! And please give her a shout out on our Facebook page, letting her know you’re grateful for her service to the Lord, as well.

Maitre Pedrick

Mr. & Mrs. Jocelyn Pedrick

Please join us in congratulating one of our high school teacher’s, Jocelyn Pedrick, on his recent marriage. Maitre (professor) Pedrick has been teaching at MOHI for the past 11 years and is one of the reasons our students do so well. We are pleased as punch to have them join us at the Thozin church and look forward to seeing the Lord’s blessing upon their marriage.

Coming Soon

Congratulations to Alicia D’Olimpio, who graduated as a presidential scholar from Merrimack College today! Alicia is scheduled to come to Haiti at the end of August. She plans to spend at least one school year with us, teaching missionary kids from the area. Alicia has already been working at a Christian preschool for the past 8 years. We are confident that she will be a total blessing to these children and their families.

Our Students

Prayer Requests

Would you join us in prayer this week? We are praying for…

  • Knowledge, understanding, wisdom, direction, guidance and divinely guarded lips for the MOHI board of directors and local staff and particularly for Maitre Pedrick and his new wife

  • Safe travels for Angie Shepherd and comfort from the Holy Spirit as she transitions into a new culture

  • Clear guidance for Alicia as she prepares teaching materials, as well as herself, to come to Haiti

  • The mind of Christ for our students as they prepare for national exams

  • Provision for all ongoing activities (staff, supplies, maintenance) and the projects the Lord is leading us into

  • Good health for the missionaries serving at or working with MOHI and for baby Lily’s hips, legs, and feet continue to respond to the prescribed treatments and take on their perfect form and function

  • Bold proclamations of the Gospels, receptive hearts and minds, and open doors of ministry

As always, we are intent on praying for you, as well. Please contact us at any time if you have a specific prayer request that you’d like for us to join our faith with yours on.

Have a great week!

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