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Team Work

We had a great time with our friends from White Stone church (Knoxville, TN) this past week. Families in their community have adopted over 20 children from a mountain area over the years. They had the opportunity to visit these children's families and be a blessing to them. They also did several outreaches for the children in our area, as well as a special day with special needs kids in our area.

A special day with special kids

They headed out yesterday, as a team from Bless Back Worldwide made their way to us.

Bless Back Worldwide team

After church this morning, the team set up the classrooms and clinic for the Women's Health Fair, which starts tomorrow. They took some time in the Galet (village near the missionary compound) this afternoon before joining the English service in Thozin this evening.

Ministering in the Galet

Nathalie and Pouchon were married at the missionary compound this past week, too. This special time included our missionary friend, Mallory, showing off the dance moves she learned here in Haiti. I thought she had been dancing for years!

Nathalie's special day

Amy continues working with the summer library program and the computer clubs. I'm so proud of our student teachers who are really stepping up and being responsible while sharing their knowledge with others.

The blocks are about 95% done on the new wall. We're working on tying into the road drainage now. There is such an incredible amount of water that comes off the mountain in the rain, so this is a critical aspect of the project.

Doctors Tom and Debbie Warren arrived yesterday with the team from Bless Back Worldwide. A couple of people from the village had burns from a voudou ceremony. One of them came to us and Nurse Ruth has been cleaning and bandaging her daily. Unfortunately, this young woman, who grew up with my own kids did not come to us, but used a local treatment, which has only put her at further risk of long-term issues. Her cousin works for us and came to Angie looking for help. As soon as the team arrived, Angie took them to see her at her home. Her grandmother, who is a voudou priestess, did not want us to treat her. Pastor Lex went to her house after church today and convinced the family to let her come to the clinic so we could help. At the same time, our missionary friend Mallory, has also been sharing the Gospel with her. Please join us in praying for this precious soul for true deliverance and that the Holy Spirit would take up residence in her.

I head to Massachusetts in the morning with Alexis, leaving Lex and AJay to hold down the fort here in Haiti for a short while until they join us in MA. Again, we covet your prayers for our family. I hope to see some of you while we are Stateside and especially at Soulfest next month! Here are a couple of shots from the home-front I leaved behind for a season.

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