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Feeding the Hungry

Nothing thrills me quite so much as seeing people come together to accomplish God's plan. More often than not, events planned by Mission USA's leaders, Fred and Sandy Muffet, manage to be utilized for just that.

After spending some time with us in Haiti last winter, Fred started talking about the need for another bus in Haiti. He and Sandy figured it would take a couple of years to raise the funds to purchase a bus, fill it with needed supplies, and ship it to Haiti. Days after returning home Fred came across the perfect bus. It wasn't too much later that this bus was purchased and sitting in his yard.

When the hurricanes hit in the Fall, the bus was used to collect cases of bottled water, as well as 197 buckets filled with needed sanitary supplies for those who lost so much from these storms.

This weekend we participated in the Hunger Challenge. We joined with Mission USA and Heaven Sent Ministries to package 350 cases of food to pack into the bus to send to Haiti. The water and buckets were moved into Heaven Sent's truck and will be transported to God's Pit Stop who will deliver them to those so badly affected by the storms.

What a blessing it was for Pastor Hakine, Lex, and I to participate in this challenge. Many of our friends who have visited us in Haiti were a part of this event, as were hundreds of new friends. It was special for Pastor Hakine to see how "Ti Panik" ("little panic"), as it is fondly referred to in Haiti, is produced and by whom. I could tell it was very meaningful to him, as he personally transported the almost 350 case of food to the bus himself.

The food packaged this weekend is already in the bus.

We are in the midst of our annual peanut butter drive. What a wonderful thing to be able to provide food for the hungry! Undernourishment is a serious problem for children in Haiti - especially for those 5 and under.

Feeding peanut butter and "ti panik" to our students has definitely impacted their health. With the help of Bless Back Worldwide and Food for the Poor, we have been able to track weights of the students and see first hand that this food is making a difference.

If you'd like to help us collect peanut butter to ship to Haiti, we'd so appreciate it! Churches and others that collect for us can contact Alexis at 98.410.9101 to make arrangements for pick up or delivery of the peanut butter so that it can be shipped. If you'd like to help cover the cost of shipping ($150 per filled barrel), please make a donation in any amount to MOHI online or send a check to MOHI, PO Box 884, Gardner, MA 01440. Please note "peanut butter" on the donation. Thank you. All peanut butter donations should be received by November 1st.

Sometimes when one volunteers, they end up getting paid anyway. And sometimes that's with coconuts!

Thank you for helping us to feed the hungry in Haiti!

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