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Covenant Day School

About 2 dozen students from MOHI and the Covenant Day School (Matthews, NC) had an absolute BLAST this week! The CDS students traveled down with some of their teachers to work on an aquaponics project on the extended Thozin campus.

Students from both schools joined together in construction, instruction, and enjoyment! Both Haitian and American teachers gave instruction in a classroom setting. Students did masonry work under the instruction of a Haitian mason (and Pastor Lex, of course).

Nothing quite like fresh, young coconut, picked fresh from the tree! Right Sadie?!!!

Stephanie was a chaperone for the team. She also worked in the medical clinic, assisting Dr. Sergeline.

Some students even learned about baking bread in our school kitchen.

The students finished out a great week by taking a boat ride to the little island right off our shore. The CDS team left bright and early yesterday morning, as we awaited another team from Charlotte...

Welcome to this team from Bless Back Worldwide!!! We're looking forward to a great teacher's seminar by teachers from Charlotte Christian School. We have 50 teachers/administrators from our 2 schools eagerly awaiting the start on Monday.

Dr. Carmen is with us for just a few days to spend some time with Dr. Sergeline. We are excited to introduce them and watch Dr. Carmen bring Dr. Sergeline up to speed concerning our medical clinic protocols, formularies, patient care practices, etc. etc. What a blessing to partner with Bless Back!

National Exams

Our high school seniors went to national exams this past week. What a relief for them to have that done! We have not yet had a high school senior go to national exams and not pass. An ongoing 100% pass rate, year after year, is just unheard of in Haiti. It has boosted our school pride, for sure. The pressure on these students though - how would you like to be the one student that doesn't pass?!!! I know they've all worked hard to prepare and hopefully all will pass yet again.

Dental Ministry

Dr. Myirame, our new dentist, began working with us last month. We had a great meeting with her. We learned more about her and she learned more about us. We gathered some pricing information and set our reduced prices for our neighbors.

Our goal is for the dental clinic to one day be self sustaining. It is our hope that those who can pay for dental services (which are not readily available in most parts of Haiti) will pay for their services, which will help to cover the expenses for those who cannot.

All of our 800+ students have access to free dental care. In order to cover their costs, we need to increase the number of class sponsors we have. If you would like to sponsor a class (class sponsors supply the prayer and financial base for our schools), please contact us at and we will walk you through the simple setup process.

Class Sponsorship

Let me give you a little more background on class sponsorship at MOHI. Our class sponsors commit to regularly pray for their sponsored class and to send in a set amount of financial support each month. We currently have sponsors that give as little as $10 and as much as $300 per month. You choose the amount that you want and are able to put towards impacting these kids and their community.

These funds help cover monthly expenses of caring for and educating our students, such as:

  • Teacher salaries

  • Teacher benefits

  • Classroom furnishings

  • Classroom supplies

  • Administrative salaries (principals, secretaries...)

  • Building and yard cleaning and maintenance services

  • Building, electrical, plumbing repairs

  • Daily meals for students and staff

  • Medical and dental clinic visits

  • Special programs

19th Annual Conference

Thursday will be the beginning of our 19th annual conference at the Thozin church. It's always a joy to gather with other members of the Body of Christ, knowing we are one huge family! Would you join us in praying for lives to be impacted eternally by the Holy Spirit of God?

Speaking of FAMILY (today's musings...)

Despite the different challenges I experience here, I love being back in Haiti. Now that I am a grandmother, I've discovered a new challenge. I talk to babies whenever possible. I laugh and get them going, too, but when I take my leave of them, I am plunged into melancholy. I think of my little Alante. I could spend all my days just talking and singing with him. At only 3 months, his interactions can be so purposeful and intense. And, please, just look at that smile!!! Is there anything in this world so beautiful????

I've long been of the opinion that grandparents are a vital part of a family and something is missing when they are not in the picture. My parents died when my kids were little, Lex's dad before they were born and Lex's mom has been ill and unable to play an active role since they were babies. From the time my kids were little, I determined that my grandchildren were going to be very important to me and that I would do everything possible to be a part of their lives.

Lex is one of 8 living siblings - his family is HUGE! We have a few nieces and nephews (Gama, Edna, Huguener) that we are extra close to. Their children call us Papy and Memé (or Auntie Memé for Edna). I love each one of them thoroughly and uniquely.

After church service this morning, Nathan carried my backpack to my office for me. We sat and talked for a good 15 minutes or more. The main topic of our conversation was focused on a question he asked me. "What's worse: throwing up or swallowing throw up?" Honestly, the topic was vividly disgusting and it was a conversation I am pretty certain I would never have had with my own children.

But I'm Memé now. Perhaps my role as "Memé" is to validate our children's value in this world? I listen. I let them choose what they want to talk about. I ask leading questions that help them to discover what it is they want to talk about, too.

By the way, my conversation with Nathan was started by a question about our recent dinner together.

Thanks for spending some time with me today! I hope you are staying up to date with MOHI on Facebook. Please let us know that you're praying with us for the people of Haiti, the medical ministries here in Grand-Goave, and for the futures of our students.

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