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MOHI - Never at a Stand Still

We had a very busy week with our friends from White Stone Church in Knoxville, TN and our new friends from Southern California, Pastor Baker and Jelisa. We read books with our preschool and elementary classes and held soccer camp, including a time of devotions and food.

We put on a party for the disabled in our community.

Preparing for it was great fun, too, as a few of the team members spent some time with our culinary students in the kitchen.

We ended our time together with a time of prayer and food distribution in a local village.

While the team was busy working, so was our staff. It was a great week in the schools.

Some were learning math...

Others were learning how to walk in a line...

And still others were enjoying showing off their cool style.

Another group of students continued perfecting their earring making skills. Take a look at these!

Dr. Evens and the medical clinic staff were on hand to treat dozens of sick folks and provide important information about health.

Pastor Bauvais shared God's word and prayed with the sick each morning before the clinic would open.

Boss Pepe and his crew began constructing an overpass to go from the main school building to the classrooms above the clinic. This will enable us to eliminate the metal staircase that is currently in the middle of the new main school entrance.

Pastor Hakine drove to the other side of Port-au-Prince to pick up 12 barrels worth of goods. We are so grateful to World Wide Lighthouse Missions for the consistent support they give by shipping collected items to us in Haiti. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to get involved this way, too.

Saturday afternoon a medical team from Bless Back Worldwide arrived at MOHI. They were already working hard today, inventorying our medicines and preparing for a week of clinic and surgeries.

I had the privilege of sharing a message with the church this morning. Some of the highlights included

  • We need hope before we can even consider a walk of faith, as our faith in God rests on hope.

  • Our hope needs to be in God. If we set it on people or other things (like education, for example) we will be disappointed.

  • Often times we have to choose between doing what our culture/society expects and doing what God's word instructs

It's exciting to see the church overflowing with people on Sunday mornings. Would you join us in praying for all of us to have ears to hear what the Spirit of God is saying to us? We'll be praying this for you, as well.

Things are really hopping at the MOHI church in St Etienne, too!

It's still Peanut Butter Drive season, now through November 11th. Please join with all our friends in gathering as much peanut butter as we can to ship to Haiti. Contact us for a drop off site near you or to arrange for a pick up. Thank you for making a difference!

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