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Flag Day in Haiti

May 18th citizens of Haiti, young and old alike, take great pleasure in celebrating Flag Day. I thought you might enjoy seeing our preschoolers singing and waving their homemade flags...

As the school year begins to wind down (or gear up, as the case may be), we see our students are working hard and enjoying their time at school.

Computer time, like library time, is greatly valued.

The Fluoride Swish program in the school is helping to protect our students' teeth from decay.

Those of you who have met our dental assistant in Haiti, Velourde, you'll be happy to know that she did finally have that baby - and she's a beauty. Here they are, Velourde and Noralissa!

The men's group at the church in Thozin has really been stepping up. This week, in addition to cleaning the Gathering Place, they also did some concrete, installing a finish coat (and colors) of concrete on the platform.

We thought it looked pretty nice this morning during the worship service.

Today I am just so grateful for each person who is involved in MOHI. Our Haitian brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, staff, students, patients, fellow missionaries. Each one is so precious to our Lord and to me. Each person who holds us up in prayer, who volunteers their time, who donates financially or with other goods - each is invaluable to us. We just wouldn't be complete without one another. Thank you for taking this journey together with us.

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