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School Days Again

In the midst of a major fuel shortage throughout the country (and the protests that accompany such crisis in Haiti), we had a great turnout for the first week of school. Monday began with a student assembly where the students were introduced to their teachers.

Here Professor Ronald is leading his 6th grade class out at the end of the assembly.

Each morning begins with a time of singing and prayer, followed by the raising of the Haitian flag.

Here are some more pictures from the classrooms.

We're grateful for Dr. Kaylah Holland's presence for the beginning of the school year. She's working hard on developing her Kreyol capacity and coordinating next steps for the schools.

Dr. Holland has so many skills to invest, but we're starting out with her focusing on teacher development.

My favorite part of the day is library time!

Hats off to Chel Finn and friends. Chel has already collected just over 300 pounds of peanut butter and will be shipping it all to Haiti for us in a barrel. Peanut butter makes such a big difference in the lives of our students and for the many malnourished children who come to the medical clinic, too. Thank you Chel (and friends!) for remembering those in need today!

I just arrived home this evening after 5 days in the hospital. See all those lights in the picture to the left? When I started walking again, I had to haul all of those with me! Today, however, I have none of them attached to me any longer. Yayyyy!

I am so grateful for friends and family who came to visit (below are Angela, Nyah, and Alexis, but there were others I just didn't get pictures of them), and for all of you who have been praying for me. The surgeon told me he'd accomplished what he set out to do. Pain management was much better this time than last, too. (Thank you, Lord Jesus!) Thank you so much for joining your faith in God with mine!

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