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Touchless Touch

Is anyone else making the best of a very difficult season? I'm so grateful for our missionary women's study group. We just started a new study this week on joy. We decided on this subject after having an especially joyful time together the previous week. We are pretty scattered right now: Jenny is in Haiti, Rebecca is in Canada, Megan is in Colorado, Angie is in New York, Michelle is in Indiana, Angela and I are in Massachusetts.

Lex and I participated in the Haiti Round Table event this week (via Zoom). A panel of doctors and nonprofit organization leaders discussed the COVID-19 crisis - current activities in education and treatment, as well as plans for what may yet be to come. I especially appreciated the remarks of Dr. Inobert Pierre, the Director General of St. Boniface Hospital. It was obvious that he has been talking with people in his neighborhood and understands the deep complexity of the situation the people of Haiti are facing.

We held our online service for the MOHI churches this morning, too.

In the meantime, we are not being idle in Haiti, either. In general, people seem to be afraid to go the hospital when they're sick, concerned that they might contract the COVID-19 virus.

We have packaged up rice and beans to distribute from our main campus this week.

Please be a part of blessing those who are in great need this week.

The missionary compound is looking quite lovely. Look at all those newly planted flowers!

Hats off to Beatrice, Djimy, Pastor Hakine, Rebecca, and Jessica for their combined efforts!

Thank you so much for enabling MOHI to continue reaching out to the people in our Grand-Goave and St. Etienne communities in Haiti!!!

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