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Dressed to the Hilt

It's been an exciting and exhausting week - and I wouldn't have it any other way!

We drove from Jacksonville to Chattanooga where Sherrie introduced us to Cookie at Project 61-3 Ministries. Cookie seeks donations of uniforms, clothing, and other items that she then passes onto organizations that serve the poor. She has been providing uniforms for the students at Christian Light School for several years now. It's always a very exciting time for the students when they receive their brand new uniforms.

We packed 5,482 items into two vehicles and made the trek back to Jacksonville fully loaded. We're so grateful for all those who volunteered with Cookie to search, count, fold, and pack all these items!

Pastor Lex and I spent the next two days unloading and packing everything up to be shipped to Haiti. Before we were finished packing, a donation of laptops arrived from Christian Light School partners at One More Child! The timing was perfect, as we were able to add the laptops to the shipment. We rented a UHaul and brought everything to Tampa to be shipped.

Between the UHaul and the shipping fees, it will cost $1200 to get about $60,000 worth of merchandise to our students in Haiti. What a deal!!!! We are looking for a dozen people to donate $100 toward these transportation costs. Will you be one? Please click below to donate now or send a check to MOHI at PO Box 884, Gardner, MA 01440. Thank you for being a part of answered prayers!

Sherrie was so kind to open her home Friday evening to invite some CLS supporters to come to meet us. We met some really lovely people, shared and listened to some impactful stories, and welcomed many great ideas. What a blessing it is for us to continue Sherrie's vision for Christian Light School with so many caring and kind people!!!

We are so grateful to Peter and Esther Plastridge, for opening their home to us as we transition into Jacksonville. They even hosted our entire family last week so we could introduce them to the area!!! (FYI, the grandbabies LOVED the beach!) They will also be assisting with some Stateside administrative tasks as we take on responsibilities for the Christian Light School in Port-au-Prince. What a blessing they are to all of us at MOHI!

It's been a difficult season in Haiti between political unrest and a new COVID-19 outbreak. The government ordered that June 11th would be the last day of school for all schools and that graduations would no longer be allowed to take place. We are so glad that CLS had an early graduation and those seniors got to enjoy their special day. As always, we so appreciate your prayers for our students, staff, and friends in Haiti. May peace and health be experienced by each one! God is still pouring out His blessing upon the people of Haiti. When we put our confidence in HIM, we can have peace in the midst of the fiercest of storms!

Asheley, who attended school at MOHI in Thozin before starting her family, brought her daughter Dasheley to the medical clinic this week. Dasheley had broken out in a rash and was coughing a lot. Asheley expressed that she knows she can count on the clinic at MOHI to be open, even during vacation times. She's grateful that she has someplace nearby to bring her sweet little girl when she's not feeling well. I'm glad, too! Thank you for supporting this ministry in Haiti!

Saphira, our lead feline hunter (and reigning queen!) for the past 12 years at the missionary compound is gone. She does leave behind several generations of beautiful offspring.

The service that these dentists provide to the Grand-Goave community is priceless!!!

Oklahoma and Kansas are on our calendar for August. We are looking forward to seeing old and dear friends, while also meeting new ones. If you live in that part of the country, please reach out to me by email at and let's see if we can connect with you, too!!!


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