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God is Able

Congratulations to Wilman and Rosianne Laguerre. What a joy it was for Pastor Lex and I to join in this special occasion! Wilman and Rosianne have been a part of MOHI for many years, attending school and church with us. Rosianne's parents, Pastor & Madame Manyol are part of the pastoral staff at our Thozin campus, too.

I'm happy to report that we had an uneventful trip all the way to Miami, where we successfully dropped off a van full of sound equipment for our upcoming 21 year celebration in Grand-Goave, Haiti. Procedures at the dock have changed and we ended up having to unload the van and put everything on pallets. Thankfully, the folks at God is Able Shipping were very helpful and didn't profit off the situation.

Lex and I enjoyed spending a couple of days in Charlotte with with our son AJay and his wife Cherie. While there we were able to meet with a few friends, too. We had a really yummy breakfast at the Covenant Day School with several folks who have been working on projects with us in Haiti. They presented us with a big tub of backpacks that the students collected for our students in Haiti. What a blessing!!!!

We went through Georgia on our way to Jacksonville. It never occurred to me that I'd run into my "friend" Forest at the rest stop.

We had a meeting with a couple of our dear partners and friends at Bless Back Worldwide - Dr. Mike Johnson and Lisa McCloy. We had some great conversation about the new medical lab with so many details to consider - specific tests to perform, protocols to develop, ensuring accuracy... so many details, right? Speaking of which, here's a picture from the current construction. Beams were poured this week on the second story.

Thursday we met with our new friend, Sherrie Fausey, a retired Christian school teacher. Twenty-one years ago, Sherrie founded the Christian Light School in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Sherrie has been praying for several years for the Lord to send someone to take over responsibility for this school as she prepares to return to her home in Florida for the rest of her retirement years. Can you guess who God brought along? Yes, MOHI is currently considering this proposition. We will be meeting with Sherrie and her staff this coming week in Haiti. We are expecting to make a well-informed decision later in the week. Will you pray with us for God's perspective and wisdom concerning this situation? Thank you!

Once again we are not around for our grandson, Alante's birthday party. This is the third one we've missed, but we WERE there for his birth!!! We loved getting to see pictures and videos of the event, though, and were able to Facetime with him at home, too.

I love seeing the updates our staff send us. Here are a few pictures from the work in the medical and dental clinics...

Before and after pictures...

Helping to prevent tooth decay by having a weekly swish of Fluoride...

I am continually amazed by the people God has put in our lives. From little children to the very elderly, each one has a place in God's plan for this world. Each one is of great value. Not one is here by accident. The world is a different place because you are in it! MY life is different because you are in it! I love that by working together we can have a positive impact on people in our back yard and all across the globe. We are weak, but HIS strength is perfected in that weakness! Never forget that God is able!


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