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Hope Outshines Difficulties

Happy Independence Day America!!! May we never take our freedom for granted and may we always choose to be fully dependant - only on Jesus!!!

My heartfelt gratitude to each of you who remembered Pastor Lex this week in prayer. He has been ill for almost 3 weeks, but there is a light at the end of this tunnel. He is beginning to get some energy back and no longer has the terrible body aches he was experiencing. Would you continue to hold him up in prayer? We need him back to 100% as we come fully into this new season with the Christian Light School campus (CLS) in Port-au-Prince.

I want to welcome all of you who have been supporting Sherrie Fausey's vision and the remarkable work happening at CLS. Thank you for all your efforts up to this point! We trust the Lord will continue to work mightily on behalf of the children at CLS through you, me, and many more whom the Lord will call to come alongside. We are humbled that the Lord would entrust this school to our care.

We took responsibility for the CLS campus on Thursday. Saturday, Hurricane Elsa rolled in with strong winds and blew the highest roof section right off.

It wound up on the nun's roof next door!

It's all being cleaned up now.

Tragedy struck the Haiti missionary community this weekend. This is from Gospel to Haiti, a medical mission into mountain communities in Haiti:

Please pray!

This is a very sad day for everyone at Gospel to Haiti.

Trent and Erica and their family, who are the current administrative couple flew back to Haiti after a several-week furlough. John Miller from WI also flew with them to spend some time in Haiti as an evangelist for a mobile clinic in the area. Because of all the unrest in Port-au-prince, they chose to get a small plane from Port-au-prince to Jacmel. There wasn't room for everyone on the first flight so Erica and their 3 children, along with some other friends visiting Haiti took a flight and Trent and John were to come on another small plane soon after them. When the 2nd plane didn't show up, they were very concerned and soon heard that the plane had gone down somewhere near Leogane. A search team was formed and sent out and they located the plane early this morning and confirmed that all 6 people were killed, including Trent and John.

Pray for the wives and children of Trent Hostetler and John Miller. Trent was 35 years old and John 43 years old.

Our hearts are so heavy for these families. Would you remember them in prayer this week, too? Thank you.

I've heard it said that "when it rains it pours." This does seem to be the case sometimes. It's been such a difficult season in Haiti for Haitians and foreigners alike. If we focus on the difficulties it can be more than overwhelming.

Thankfully, God has written us letters of encouragement. We can choose to LIFT our eyes. We can choose to ask Jesus to give us HIS perspective on all the circumstances we face. We can pray for HIS will to be done here and now on this earth. We can choose to spend more time looking at HIS promises and less time worrying about things that may never come to pass beyond our own thoughts. We can have HOPE in the goodness of our Heavenly Father!

We recently purchased new fish to populate our aquaponics fish tanks.

We've been blessed with some more beautiful backpacks. What a joy it is to give them - and for these youngsters to receive them!

Our medical staff was so excited to receive some gifts this week from our partners at Bless Back Worldwide. (I know it's hard to tell past those masks, but we're GRATEFUL to find them!!!)

Thank you always for your prayers and financial support. They keep us moving forward!!! I am back in New England and would love to connect with our friends here. Where ever you are, an email will find us! Please reach out with your questions, words of encouragement, and ideas. We LOVE that we are NOT alone in this mission. Thank you!!!


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