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Moments of Wonder

Sunday, November 26, 2023

🥳❄🎄🎁It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 🥳❄🎄🎁

The month leading up to Christmas Day is often filled with many moments of joy. Anticipating the wonder expressed on the face of a little one as their eyes fall upon a Christmas tree - and the car rides speckled with loud "Oh! Pretty lights!!!" are a couple of the moments I recall thoroughly enjoying with my own children.

This week, our preschoolers had a wonderful start to this Christmas season. They all went to "Cayes Mirliton" for the day. "Cayes Mirliton" is the common name for the neighborhood where MOHI's mission house is located. For most of these youngsters, this was the first time they'd been to this lovely property. Watching the ocean was a moment filled with wonder for them.

Now that I have my grandchildren, I look at the holidays differently. It's more about observing others and taking incredible pleasure in it. I also see the elderly in a different light - btw, when does "elderly" become an appropriate term? Many years ago, I remember the first time a stranger in Haiti referred to me as "Manmi." It's a term of endearment for elderly women. I was horrified that this person thought I was old enough to be called Manmi. Oh, but I digress.

In Haitian Creole, when we feel stiff, we say, "Ah, se granmoun nan zo'm" - literally, "Oh, it's an old person in my bones." And this is the case for Sweet "Manmi" Andreline. She recently visited the clinic in Thozin, knowing she would find some relief from the body aches and various pains that seem to accompany her daily. She said, "The nurses and doctors here are very generous and help me. I pray for more resources to come to this mission so the community can find even more help. The clinic is a blessing for the people around here. Thank you for everything."

I'm so grateful for our partnership with Bless Back Worldwide. Through their generosity, patience, diligence, and cooperative spirit, the clinic in Thozin went from a medicine closet to a full-service primary-care clinic. Even though it's been over 3 years since they've been in Haiti, they never give up. If you are a healthcare professional, please consider joining Bless Back Worldwide on their next service trip to work with us in the Dominican Republic, January 13-20. You won't regret it!!! Reach out to them for more information at

For the past dozen years, we have been blessed with clean, drinking water for our mission guests to enjoy. When we began working in Luperón, we asked John Armour (the inventor of our water filtration system) to install a unit there for us. We had been informed that no one drinks water from the tap "anywhere." Ah, but today, we all drink directly from the tap at the mission house. It is our hope that one day, just like Bernard, many others will be able to drink from the tap in schools, churches, and neighborhood water sources in the Dominican Republic.

Here are some of the things we are praying for specifically. Would you add your prayers to ours? Thank you in advance!

  • That MOHI would be a light of the Gospel in every country the LORD sends us

  • Adequate funds to construct the roof on the shelter in La Grua this Winter

  • Continued enthusiasm among the staff and students in Haiti and peace in their communities

  • A positive change in the relations between Haiti and the Dominican Republic

  • A clear path (God's will) to bring clean water to our neighbors in the DR

  • For an abundance of food for the students and babies in Haiti


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