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Partnerships and Community

Sunday, April 7, 2024

It's Sunday, my favorite day of the week. I love worshipping with our friends in Haiti and so miss it. I'm so glad we can connect online with them (- something we couldn't do in the early years of the mission).

Lex and I are spending our Sunday with our three grandchildren. Every day with them is EXTRA special! With Lex traveling so much this past year, we really treasure every moment we can be with them.

Hitting Water in La Grúa

After two unsuccessful attempts to find water within the village, the persistence of the drilling team paid off in La Grúa. On the third try, they struck water, bringing hope to the community - and relief to me! The first two attempts were made within the village itself, guided by scans indicating the presence of water, but it wasn't until they ventured across the river that success was found. At just a forty-foot depth, a good amount of water was discovered. Next up? Bringing the water across the river! Please pray for safety and success, as we begin working on that this week.

Once the water is piped to the proper location, we will begin constructing a "water house." We fully expect the yard around this little house to become a meeting place. We pray that people will hear of Jesus and our Good Father when they come for water. They will remember what the LORD has done for them and be grateful and open their hearts to HIM.

New Babies

Over the past two weeks, we registered twenty-one new babies in START NOW Early Childhood Intervention, bringing the number up to fifty-three. Thirty-four babies are still available for sponsorship. Just $30 a month will provide nutritious meals and critical education for a baby and mom. This is a call to action. Click START NOW!

Community Healthcare Promoter

Nurse Marlouse, our Community Health Promoter, is a valuable resource to the four communities we serve. She looks after the chronically ill patients whom the Bless Back doctors saw. She helps those with minor ailments, dresses wounds, and educates, educates, educates. She also works with the families in START NOW Early Childhood Intervention.

Navigating Challenges with Grace

In our first few years in Haiti, we only purchased food locally. When Beverly came to stay with us for a bit, she bought us a gas stove and asked us to take her shopping in Carre-four. This was transformative. Our kids were sooooooooo tired of rice and beans!

Sadly, today, this area is a battleground between conflicting gangs.

The residents, with reason, fear for their lives, and no one trusts anyone anymore. According to the latest United Nations report, 53,000 people fled the metropolitan Port-au-Prince area last month.

Many have come to Grand-Goâve. There's always the silent question about a new neighbor, "Are they who they appear to be? Or are they gangsters?"

We are so grateful for the peace that continues to rule in our area. We pray, especially for the children's sake, that this peace remains and that we can continue to feed empty bellies, educate those who want to learn, and bring relief and healing to all who seek.

Thank you to all our child sponsors who make a difference one child at a time. Look at these students learning and eating in the midst of such economic, political, and social struggles in the country...and even playing!

Those First Years Matter

We know that good nutrition in early childhood can have long-lasting developmental consequences. With such a strong emphasis on education at MOHI, we must also strongly emphasize nutrition. In our experience, children who lack bulk and nutrients in their diet have trouble staying awake and paying attention in school. This is one of the reasons we started and continue to feed babies in Haiti.

Celebrating Partnerships and Community

It was a very busy week in the clinic at MOHI. Our partnership with Bless Back Worldwide is seriously impacting the Grand-Goâve community. With hospitals and pharmacies being overrun and raided by gangs in the capital, we are seeing more people turning to us for help.

The dental clinic serves our students and community with excellence. With the closure of Mission USA, our longtime partners, it has been a hard road to keep the salaries paid. We are grateful that Bless Back Worldwide is once again expanding its partnership with us to include the dental clinic.


We're so grateful for each staff member at MOHI. Each individual fills an important role from maintenance to medical to administration and cooking. And I absolutely love how they get along!

Looking Ahead with Hope

As we reflect on these stories of hope and resilience, we are reminded that the journey is far from over. Challenges will inevitably arise, but with faith, determination, and the support of our wonderful partners, we can continue to make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve. Together, we are stronger, and together, we will continue to build a brighter future for our friends.



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