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Proclaim His Excellencies

February 5, 2023

"You can take the whole world. Give me Jesus." What a sweet time of worship this morning in Thozin!

1 Peter 1:9 is why we have schools, clinics, churches, feeding programs, and forge so many relationships. Through each endeavor, we are proclaiming His praises - His excellence, His love, His compassion... the reality of the price He paid to redeem each person from death into life. We pray that in all we do and say, others will see Jesus and be drawn to Him.

Please continue to pray for the shipping container to be released quickly and for its contents to arrive safely in Grand-Goave. We are currently waiting for the inspector to file his paperwork.

I'm happy to see all these seedlings popping up this week. They are ready to be transplanted into their permanent spots in the garden. I'm asking the Lord to bless this garden in Luperòn, and I trust we will feed people with it soon.

Our schools in Haiti were busy with exams this past week. Each class is given a schedule of when each exam will take place. Thus we have room to spread the students out and keep the yard noise down, as well.

I was removed from my biological mother's home when I was 2 1/2 years old due to neglect. I was placed with a family that had the means to care for my physical needs. More than 50 years after being adopted, I met several members of my biological family. Many have shared harrowing stories about their childhood experiences and neglect in foster homes. Knowing a bit of this family story now motivates me to care even more for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Lack of nutrients during those early years can have a negative impact on a person's entire life. I'm trusting the Lord will show us more and more ways we can help many little ones to have a good start in life - and show forth HIS praises even more!

Learning is pretty impossible when you're hungry. School lunches are important for these preschoolers.

Providing dental and medical care for children makes a difference, too.

We at MOHI are so grateful to the Lord for empowering us to meet so many needs. Thank you for your prayers and financial support, which help to shine His Light into the darkness.


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