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We received exciting news this week concerning our high school Freshmen class. All of these 9th grade students passed their national exams. Praise God! After such a short school year, many were nervous about these exams. Congratulations to our students! And to our staff and the student's families: Thank you! They wouldn't have made it this far on their own. Your support and care for them is making all the difference!

Have you ever had a toothache and chose to hold off going to see the dentist? The pain can quickly become unbearable. Imagine having a toothache and wanting to go to the dentist, but not having the means to do so. That unbearable pain causes incredible suffering. I'm so grateful that our students don't need to experience that kind of suffering with no hope of resolution. Thanks to our partners at Mission USA, class sponsors, and an awesome staff of caring professionals, our students have free access to dental care. They never have to be in that position. Thank you!!!

Jephte and Madona are pushing through some sleepless nights so common to new parents. They're doing a great job with Baby Glory. Your continued generosity is greatly appreciated as we continue to help support this beautiful little girl. Thank you!

We're so excited about our partnership with Bless Back Worldwide and now with Missionary Flights International (MFI), who is flying supplies into Haiti for the clinic. What freedom to know that anything we may need can arrive in a matter of weeks rather than months. When our glucometer went on the fritz, a new one was not far away. Thank you, partners!

You may recall that we shipped an engine to Haiti a couple of months ago. We had purchased a Toyota Tacoma "dirt" cheap, drove it to Ohio, loaded up the engine, drove it to Florida, put it on a ship, and it arrived in Haiti. Not only did we receive the engine and a windshield that we could not find in country, we also had a "new" truck. Check it out today:

I was so blessed Wednesday night to meet with my missionary sisters on zoom. It's been months since we've been able to get together, so it was very special. (Really missed Rebecca though.) Several of us have been going through changes in our ministries along with all the issues of the pandemic and political unrest. I love that we can be there to cheer each other on and/or weep with each other's trials. God has so blessed me with their friendship!

(I just want to point out that Michelle's personality comes through loud and clear in the picture above [right top]!)

The church in Thozin had a wonderful time of freedom in worship this morning.

Pastor Lex shared a message of encouragement,

while Pastor Edon and some of our church leaders joined a sister church in Petit Goave to celebrate together.

This afternoon we said farewell to Madame Bogy. I was able to join via Zoon. Many of you know Boss Pepe, who has done so much of the construction at MOHI. Madame Bogy is his sister. She has been a part of our church for most of the past 20 years and worked at the Hands and Feet Project for a good while. Most recently she was responsible for cleaning and constantly sanitizing in our clinics. She was a mother figure to many, including Pastor Lex. She will be remembered fondly by all of us at MOHI and by the Edme family.


Sometimes I read the same scriptures over and over again, and hear the same messages over and over... and then I hear a seemingly random word and it hits me as the answer to all life's problems. I often hear sounds and noises, but much less often I actually hear what is truly said. That is to say, what God has to say to me in those words.

Today I heard a message about walking in Jesus' kind of Love. It's not that I was disinterested in the message, I was quite interested, but when Rhema hit, I just come unglued on the inside. The scripture was read from Matthew 5:43, which I'm very familiar with in the English Standard Version: "But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you," ... The point was made from a different version, though: "... Pray for those who hurt you." That's when it all made sense.

I know to pray for my enemies and those who persecute me ... but I tend to get offended and NOT pray for people when they hurt me. The people capable of hurting me the most are those I care for the most. As a matter of fact, this was a big topic of prayer for me this week. What do I do when someone I care about hurts me? Do I try to punish them (aka revenge)? Do I pull away and begin building a wall between us so I don't keep getting hurt? Do I take it and act like nothing's wrong (while actually hugging the grudge)? Do I confront them and risk them hurting me more by showing disinterest or a lack of care? Do I risk an all out argument? Do I take the offense to heart and begin to condemn myself and wallow in self pity? Do I let it take begin to grow bitterness in my heart?

Today my prayer was answered - quite simply and quite profoundly, all at once. Before I make a decision to take ANY particular action to address the offense, I will whole-heartedly pray for the one who has offended me. As I pray for them and am reminded of how much Jesus and I both care for this person, my perspective will change and I will be open to hear from the Holy Spirit for guidance. If I harbor resentment, my actions will most likely be self destructive, and harm the relationship that is so important to me.

I have shared this (knowing that I am not unique in my struggles), in the hopes that it might help someone else today, too. If that someone is you, please encourage me with a quick email at Lots of love to you all today!!!


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