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School Openings

With all that Haiti has been through recently, we shouldn't be surprised to see the start of the school year be negatively affected. We had planned to see the Christian Light School open tomorrow (Monday 9/6/21), but due to a government announcement this week, we have had to postpone the opening to later this month. We are watching the political climate and aiming to open as soon as that climate permits. In the meantime, lots of work has been happening on campus and we are ready to see our students back on campus asap.

Politics in the different communities have an influence over school starting. We are grateful that the current climate in Grand-Goave permitted our students and staff to start the 2021-2022 school year on Wednesday.

Students are so excited about their new school uniforms, donated by Project 61-3 Ministries.

Earthquake relief activities continued this week with distributions and some meetings with civil authorities. This week we will have a Haitian medical team working as those authorities have expressed continued concerns and requested our continued interventions.

Dental and medical clinics remained busy this week on our Thozin campus. We're so grateful for the opportunity to show the love and care of Jesus through medical and dental care.

Joining in feeding the children in the Ravine may have been Pastor Lex's greatest joy this week.

Thank you for continuing to keep Haiti in your prayers. Times are uncertain, but Christ's presence and stability are rock solid!


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