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Stir Up One Another

Sunday, November 4, 2023

"I always thank my God when I mention you in my prayers, because I hear of your love and faith toward the LORD." - Philemon 1:4-5

Seriously, the generosity and kindness so many show to all of us at MOHI shows us your love and faith. We pray for you every time we gather together, as well as in our personal times of prayer. Thank you for caring and sharing with our Haitian friends.

Traveling into Haiti remains difficult at best. We thank the LORD for Pastor Lex making it into the country this past week. We are grateful for our experienced leadership team there that keeps things going on a daily basis. When Pastor Lex arrives, it's only time for a little fine-tuning (such as noticing problems with the lights in the chapel). Oh, and certain people are always excited to see him.

The church in Thozin was happy to see Pastor Lex in the pulpit. It has been a while. And the LORD was with him, speaking to many hearts.

It was a blessing to hear the 6th grade class present a song in the worship service this morning!

Pastor Lex preached a message about leadership and being led by the Holy Spirit throughout this world. It was a special moment as two people were ordained into the ministry this morning. Congratulations to Elie and Wikelson, two young preachers in the church. We are praying for you, as you step into God's calling on your lives.

This sweet woman brought her son into the clinic with a boil near his right eye. While not uncommon to see in Haiti, boils can be extremely painful. The doctor gently drained it, applied a topical ointment, and prescribed oral medication for the infection and pain. The mom testified, "It's thanks to the clinic at MOHI (after God, of course) that I am alive today. The good doctors, nurses, and medicines helped me to become well when I was really sick. Today, I am well!" She brought her son to the clinic, too, because she's "always had good results at MOHI."

So many are helped through the medical clinic each day. We are so grateful to our partners at Bless Back Worldwide for their faithful support in every way, and to each person who has had a part in the medical ministry at MOHI. The clinic brings relief and hope to the patients.

We have a few people who are supporting the dental clinic (thank you!). We are, however, falling way short of our monthly budget. Please consider becoming a dental clinic partner and/or speak with your local dentist's office and ask them to consider supporting a colleague working in Haiti.

All the students were involved in taking exams this past week. The school director and all of his administrative staff are on high alert during exams, sharing responsibility with the teachers to ensure no one is cheating. The students know the consequences are tough. Gladly, it is unusual to find someone cheating in the MOHI schools. We are super proud of students (and staff!) for their tremendous effort to do well.

Just like you and me, the children in Haiti need to eat regular, healthy meals. Each day, over 1,000 people are fed hot, nutritious meals at MOHI in Thozin and St. Etienne. This includes the 0-3 year old babies, whose expressions can be simply priceless.

(It's even better than finger lickin' good!!!)

Meanwhile, in La Grua, Cambiaso, and Playa Cambiaso, Nurse Marlouse continues to visit the neighborhoods each week. Her "patients" anticipate these visits with much enthusiasm.

Many of us do much better at taking care of ourselves when we know someone else cares and checks in to see how we are doing. A kind reminder NOT to skip your blood pressure medicine can keep someone on track. It can extend their life, too.

This is a reality spiritually, as well. When we are a part of a vibrant congregation of believers, we get to spur one another on to good works. The knowledge that we are not alone is reinforced.

Lex and I have been enjoying working with local Haitian refugees in Massachusetts. Our community has been blessed with many families who are eager to learn and become independent, productive members of the community. I had the opportunity to join a few of them on their orientation this past week at Catania Oils. This included a tour of their very impressive facilities. I was impressed by several things, such as the train cars (tankers) entering into their building - and by the dozens. Wow! The staff was so kind to their new hires, too, and that really made my day. Hats off to Catania Oils! And may the LORD bless this employer-employee relationship.


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