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October 16, 2022

It's been so wonderful to have Dr. Benjamin working with us this week. He obviously takes his profession very seriously - as do all our doctors! We are grateful to have found such a treasure in our own city, along with two of our nursing staff. The Lord continues to provide - of course!


A recent Reuters report states, "The analysis said that in total 4.7 million people - nearly half of Haiti's population - are experiencing high levels of acute food insecurity...children as young as 10 and elderly women have been subjected to sexual violence, including collective rapes for hours in front of their parents or children...'Gangs use sexual violence to instill fear, and alarmingly the number of cases increases by the day as the humanitarian and human rights crisis in Haiti deepens,' said Nada Al-Nashif, the Acting Human Rights Chief."

Haiti's prime minister's request for international intervention in his country is being considered and some actions have begun. The US Coast Guard has brought a ship close to the Port-au-Prince coastline. There is a meeting set for October 21, but hunger and deadly water-transmitted diseases (like cholera) are not waiting for that meeting. My understanding is that Canadian troops have arrived in Haiti. I'm hoping they will be able to open a corridor for humanitarian aid to arrive. There are many, many facets to anything and everything going on politically and I am no political analyst. So, if you'd like to know more about what is going on politically in the world, try ... Google?


Proverbs 3:5-6 is the best advice I can cling to. It is not a band-aid. No, it is a call to step up - to change the way we think - to abandon all to HIM.

Pastor Bauvais is known throughout Grand-Goâve as a prayer warrior. He prays with our clinic patients each morning, prays with suffering people in their homes, and leads many in prayer in our church gatherings. As many of you know, MOHI started in Pastor Bauvias' front yard. This man of God has been a great blessing to the ministry of MOHI and the entire community.

Altenor, a graduate of MOHI's high school and now on staff as a math teacher, leads the youth ministry at the Thozin campus. This week he led a one-day retreat with the youth at the missionary compound, Cayes Mirliton. I love to see that they have a safe haven to go to and spend time in God's presence.

I love that our staff also have access to healthcare and dental services at MOHI! Here's Madona...

Madona is always ready to help others. This week she led a discrete food distribution to help some families who have been suffering deeply. She certainly made some people happy.

She also oversees the baby feeding programs. We are so grateful for the resources to continue these programs!

I can never tell you often enough how much your support means to me and to all of us at MOHI. Haiti's problems are massive and heartbreaking. They are greater than I can even wrap my mind around. May we continue to keep our eyes focused on Jesus and continue to TRUST HIM. May HE continue to utilize you and me to make a difference in individual lives. May we see the one.


We are preparing to return to Luperòn, DR next month with a small team. We have some important preparations to do before we are ready to house full teams. Our first order of business will be to build beds. We will then need to purchase mattresses and pillows. We also need to purchase chairs and tables that can be used in outdoor areas. Would you help us get the mission house ready? Any amount will help us in moving forward. Click the button below to donate and where it shows "general fund" click on the arrow to choose the "Luperòn, DR Ministry" category instead. This will let us know your gift is intended for the ministry in Luperòn. Thank you for stepping forward with us into this new area.

I'm super excited to share a bit of hope with you. You may recall, our new friend Mésidor was badly injured in a motorcycle accident and has been bedridden now for over 6 months. He has had a bone sticking out near his hip for this entire time. It has actually pushed out further since we last saw him. Well, we have received the necessary funds to schedule his surgery. We are rejoicing in hope that our friend will receive the assistance he needs. Praise the Lord!

I believe the Lord has great things in store for the people of Luperòn and the surrounding areas. He hasn't opened the door for us to enter there for no reason. Would you pray for us to continue to hear from Him and follow His directions? Proverbs 3 for you and me!


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