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With Love from Memèy

May 14, 2023

Happy Mother's Day to all my beloved mom friends. You all ROCK! This meme made me stop and consider how much we depend on moms - and how much is missing when mom is not around. Whether you're celebrating with mom, missing mom, or you ARE the mom, today we can honor all the moms in our lives together. We say, "Thank you!" for your critical role in our lives.

Here at Mission of Hope International, our hearts are filled with gratitude to Jesus for each person who has listened to His call to collaborate with us in Haïti. I love to share with you what that looks like each week in pictures and with shared thoughts. While Lex certainly is a rather amazing individual (much bias here, I know), We all realize that what's happening at MOHI is because the LORD is at work there. He uses His people, the Body of Christ, by His Spirit to accomplish great things on the earth today. At MOHI, He is using all of us to make a difference on the island of Hispaniola. May He receive all the glory for the great things HE is doing here! And thank you so much for YOUR part!

Below is an update from Jephte in Haïti.


MOHI has been changing lives for 24 years now. This year again, another group of students will graduate from preschool into kindergarten and high school. We look forward to this special moment next month.

We also continue to make a difference in the model of education that we give to our students with the technical school in MOHI. Keep us in prayer so God will continue to help us step forward in these difficult moments in Haiti.

MOHI Clinic was very busy this week with people needing first aid, parents needing health care for their children, and other people with dental problems.

This week also, we were celebrating Nurse’s Day. It was a perfect time to share with some of our students who would like to be nurses or doctors after their classical studies. We will never stop thanking our sponsors from the beginning. With their support, we can help people in Grand-Goâve and the neighborhood access health care from two (2) graduate nurses from MOHI School (Sarah and Madona).

From Grand-Goâve to St-Etienne, we feed approximately 60 babies every single day. What a great opportunity we have to worship the Lord. Let's continue helping them smile.


We certainly are blessed to have partners providing food for these little ones!

In Haïti, Mother's Day will be celebrated next Sunday. Students have been busy preparing for this VERY special day.

I love seeing the devotion of many of the women at church in Haïti. They visit folks in their home, pray with one another, share their experiences with the younger women, serve during services, and clean the chapel. I LOVE these mamas!!!

The garden in Haïti is starting to produce cucumbers and watermelons!

We continue harvesting tomatoes, carrots, eggplant, parsley, and okra from the garden in Luperòn. The large garden is being planted and the irrigation system is set to go.

Lex and I have been back in the Dominican Republic for a week, along with our friend Carole-Ann, and our daughter Alexis and family. Carole-Ann is the sweetest soul - and loads of fun to pick on. She's also a great encourager, sharing from her daily devotions and spurring conversations. She and Alexis were so helpful this week with getting an inventory done in the pharmacy.

Carole-Ann helped in the "hold the baby" rotation. (Alia enjoys being upright when she's awake but is not a big fan of the car seat.)

Most of you know that our children Alexis and AJay grew up on the mission field in Haïti. This past week, we have had some very special moments with family in the Dominican Republic, especially with our grandchildren. This makes for the best Mother's Day Gift ever! We have had many "Oh, remember when..." moments, like Alexis driving the 4-wheeler in Haïti. It looks quite different these days!

We are a rather musical bunch, and Alexia is quite the performer, like her dad. This morning she calmly said to Alante, with a hand on his shoulder, "Excuse me Alante, I need to sing now." Once he got out of the way, she broke into singing with some rather elegant dance moves. Most of the time, however, she just looks over the bay and cuts loose with songs like "Let it go!" from Frozen. They both have been so good and seem to be thoroughly enjoying their time here.

I enjoy accompanying teams when a local fisherman takes them out on his boat for a tour of the Bay of Luperòn. Our friend (and tour guide) José shares all sorts of details about the bay and its history. The bay was a saving place of refuge for Christopher Columbus as a fierce storm at sea assailed him. It is home to all sorts of wildlife, fish, crustaceans, and sailors from around the world. This time around, I stayed home with the baby, but I was able to watch them from afar.

By the way, I am Memèy.


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