Haiti is on our hearts and since you’re here, it must be on yours, too. We started Mission of Hope 13 years ago with the goal of positively impacting the lives of Haiti’s people, especially the children. Today, together with our friends and partners, Mission of Hope International is providing a high quality, Christ-centered education to 800 children. We are caring for orphans, feeding the hungry and bringing health care to remote regions. Read More ->


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Welcome Back Bless Back Worldwide!

Our students and staff have been working hard, as the end of the school year comes into sight. As always, our 6th and 9th graders, along with the students from the last two years of high school, are all preparing for their national exams. These are major events in the lives of  Read More

A Quick Update

Just some quick updates for you tonight: We’ve been getting rain a few times a week now. It’s very welcome, after such a long, dry season, but it also causes new difficulties, as you can see in this picture… A night of rain in the mountains has a major effect  Read More

University of Akron Team

We had a great week with our friends from the University of Akron. They brought us goodies – like a router and antennae so I can still work. The satellite that we’ve been using for the past thirteen years is being decommissioned, so we have been looking for an alternative.  Read More

Women’s Conference

MOHI Board of Directors member, Pastor Carlos and his wife, Rita; Chals & Chel Finn and their “G3″ team; and Alan Bowdler and his team from the University of Akron are all here making this an incredible week. It started out with a sad moment, as we learned of  Read More

My “Old” Friend

This was an extra special week for me, personally, here at Mission of Hope International. Rev. Cheryl (Vasil) Minor and I go way back to 5th grade. We were in the same middle school and high school. We never really “hung out” together, but we were both passionate  Read More


Our mission is to impact the lives of those living in developing countries through Christ-centered Hope for a better future. With guidance from the Holy Bible, we endeavor to impact communities by establishing and growing evangelical churches and ministries, leadership training, education, healthcare, agriculture, employment opportunities, alternative energy sources, micro-financing, food and water distributions, disaster relief efforts and other operations that we deem valuable in imparting Hope and Change.

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Twice Convicted

Twice Convicted reveals insight into life in Attica Prison and a growing awareness of God's abounding love. This is not a "church book". It's my story; an ordinary man touched by God with an extraordinary story to tell. God's forgiveness and faithfulness are revealed within its' pages. Those afflicted with drugs, alcohol, and a self centered life will find new hope as they discover how rapidly God can restore one's life and change it forever.

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