Haiti is on our hearts and since you’re here, it must be on yours, too. We started Mission of Hope 13 years ago with the goal of positively impacting the lives of Haiti’s people, especially the children. Today, together with our friends and partners, Mission of Hope International is providing a high quality, Christ-centered education to 800 children. We are caring for orphans, feeding the hungry and bringing health care to remote regions. Read More ->

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Haiti, MA and OK

Lennie & Amy Engman We had a great week in Massachusetts. We met with many of our friends, family and supporters throughout the week, as well as thoroughly enjoying a family day in York, Maine. We so appreciate the amazing people the Lord has brought into our lives. We are  Read More

All Is Well – Haiti and America

I love that my family can be in the States and everything at MOHI in Haiti is still moving along just fine!!!  Lex has been in close contact with our lead staff in Haiti and I have been in touch with Leah.  What a joy to hear so many good reports. Leah continues to hold medical  Read More

For the Women

The Women’s Health Fair was an incredible success! The women in Grand-Goave are so accustomed to having to fight to survive, but this week they were able to taste a little different experience at MOHI. The team from Bless Back Worldwide worked for months, planning out schedules  Read More


A combined team from Clifton Lutheran Church (Marblehead, MA) and Sovereign Grace Community Church (Peabody, MA) served with us this past week. Many of them were awesome return visitors and the newbies were pretty great, too. Their main goals were to build a home for a family  Read More

Reaching the Mountaintop

Sometimes I feel at a loss for words. I wish there were some way for all of you to experience what I am experiencing. I will tell you what I can, but I want to encourage you to come to Haiti and experience a week at Mission of Hope International for yourself. I love what I do.  Read More


Our mission is to impact the lives of those living in developing countries through Christ-centered Hope for a better future. With guidance from the Holy Bible, we endeavor to impact communities by establishing and growing evangelical churches and ministries, leadership training, education, healthcare, agriculture, employment opportunities, alternative energy sources, micro-financing, food and water distributions, disaster relief efforts and other operations that we deem valuable in imparting Hope and Change.

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