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Why Visit the Dominican Republic

"I remember sponsoring a child in Haïti, named Wesley Jean. I enjoyed knowing that the money I sent each month helped that little boy go to school and eat every day. It never occurred to me, however, that I could actually go to Haïti to visit him. When I found out that I could, that’s exactly what I did." - Renee Edme


Hundreds of people from the US, Canada and Europe visit Mission of Hope International each year, and one of those people could be you.


Maybe you’d like to help the poor. Or preach the Gospel in a foreign land. Feed the hungry? Go on an adventure? Whatever it is that made you click on this page, consider the possibilities.


RD is full of contrast. Your visit will include witnessing beauty and ugliness, hard work and relaxation, and laughter and tears--but all of this will come together to form something amazing.


For some, it will change your way of thinking. For others, it will be the turning point in your life, opening the door to an unknown future. But for all, it will touch deeply and hold meaning for the rest of your life.

Bringing A Team To Haiti

Mission of Hope International accepts groups of 8-25 people. Once you have a team forming, contact us to request dates and begin preparing your team for Luperon RD. Click around for more information on how you can prepare to experience Haiti for yourself.

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