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Lexidan Edmé

Pastor Lex is the President and Co-Founder of MOHI. Born and raised in Haïti, Lex attended the Royal Caribbean School of Ministry in Leogane. He was a school teacher, director and preacher, prior to moving to the USA. You can read more about how he came to found MOHI here. Lex currently directs all operations for MOHI in Haïti. With a deep understanding of Haitian culture and politics, as well a gift for leading people, he is a strong leader and very well-respected in the communities where MOHI is working.

Renée Edmé

Renée is the Treasurer and Co-Founder of MOHI. Born and raised in Mansfield, CT, Renée made her first trip to Haïti in 1988 to visit a child she was sponsoring. She returned to Haïti in January 1989, serving as a missionary for 10 months. A graduate of Faith Alive School of Ministry, she was very active in a wide range of church ministries including cleaning, nursery, prison, women, street evangelism, hospitality, leading worship, teaching/preaching and administration. Renée currently is the MOHI administrative director in Haiti.

Kervince Parayson

Kervince, lovingly known as “Gama” serves as the secretary for MOHI. Gama lived with the Edmé family for their first 6 years in Haïti, while they started Mission of Hope. Gama has a great understanding of the Haitian culture, while having lived for many years in America. He is currently employed at the Be Like Brit organization. He has a heart for the people of Haïti and brings a unique perspective to the Board.

Rev. Carlos Periera

Rev. Carlos Periera, our other Director, pastors the Evangelical Church in Fall River, MA. It is a bilingual church, speaking and singing in both English and Portuguese. He has been working in Haiti for over a decade and has served as a director at Mission of Hope International since 2008.

Dan Lee

Dan Lee is a multi-faceted speaker, author, worship leader, leadership development coach and consultant serving both the church and business communities. Dan has a prophetic spirit, a heart for both individuals and organizations to come into the fullness of their potential. With over 25 years of experience investing in the lives of others has taken Dan to over 20 countries. He is currently actively working in Europe, Asia, Haiti and the US developing leaders, providing training and consulting with organizations.

Alex Edmé
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