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Valentine's Day Away

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Friends!!! I am in the States for a short time and missing my sweet husband. The Lord is good to me though, and I was thrilled to have time with my children and Micah at church this morning.

Micah fell asleep while we were putting his snow suit on him after church.

It has been a tough week in Haiti. Between Carnival celebrations and political upheavals we didn’t have much school this week. The good news, however, is that Haiti has a new transitional president for the next 120 days. His one obligatory goal is to ensure free elections take place on April 24th. Please join us in praying for success in this process and for the people of Haiti.

I had the wonderful pleasure last night of joining up with the West Newbury Congregational Church team that came to Haiti last month. Two of the team members, Renee and Caroline, invited us all to join them at their home church Pilgrim Church in Merrimac to participate in a potluck dinner and recap of their trip. It was so sweet to hear them and others share about how God was ministering to them in Haiti while they were serving others.

West Newbury Congregational Church and Pilgrim Church Team

Caroline Kern

Renee Lundy

We met up with some of the young people on the team to cook some Haitian food for the event. It was so much fun to make rice and beans, potato and beet salad, piklis, pwa kongo, fried chicken and plantains to share. Alexis took the bull by the horns, finding something for everyone to do. It was neat to see AJay using some of his expert knowledge from his culinary classes, too. (He’s now teaching me how to do things right in the kitchen!)

Banann Peze (“squished” or “pressed” plantains)

Beet and Potato Salad

Alicia fried the chicken and plantains.

Rice and Beans

Piklis (cabbage, carrots, onions, hot pepper, key lime juice, and other spices)

I’m hoping to return to Haiti and my love next week. Your prayers are so appreciated. Thank you!

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