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Shifting Into Summer

The school yard has taken on a bit of a calm this week, now that the excitement of graduation activities has subsided. There's new excitement in the air, however, for the students who have chosen to participate in summer activities.

With the addition of the library to the Thozin campus, we have a special space for story times, research, and writing activities to happen. Amy has been working hard for the kick off of summer and we got off to a great start this week.

Upper high school students this week collaborated on a story. Amy gave them a phrase to start with and they had five minutes to write a story starting with the phrase. Then they passed their papers to the right and continued the story. Each table had four people so four people wrote part of the story. The person who started the story finished the story and then read them aloud. It was fun for everyone.

Anyone who has stayed with us in Haiti knows this man. Feyo is the caretaker at the missionary compound. Sometimes he gets a side job making a fishing net. He moves like a machine and the finished product looks like it was machine made.

And you would know this guy, too, although you might not recognize him in his "going to a wedding" garb.

Our gardens are looking absolutely amazing!!! Here's a little peek at some papayas...


There are hundreds of banana plants. The bunches of bananas can weigh upwards of 100 pounds or more.

Here's something that you may not be familiar with. We call it Kowosol. In English it's called Soursop and it has wonderful medicinal qualities - especially against cancer. Under that prickly skin is a VERY juicy, white flesh, with large black seeds dispersed within it. It's pretty messy to eat. We usually blend the flesh to make juice. It makes some pretty incredible ice cream, too. The fruit is pretty heavy with all the juice it contains.

We've had a solid week of work at the new lot in Thozin. We are working on the perimeter wall and leveling the soccer field area.

Sometimes construction workers have minor accidents. We're grateful that Angie and her staff are always prepared to treat them.

Are you an Amazon Prime member? July 12th is Prime Day. Please consider the address to do all your shopping. In addition to all the specials you qualify for that day, you can ask that Mission of Hope International be the beneficiary of a donation based on the amount of your purchases.

Angie and I are up and at 'em at 5AM, getting some ocean time in before we begin our work days. Saturdays we sleep in until 6, but we also spend extra time in the water. Pooch, Sam, and Frenky stand guard over us and often end up running along the water's edge.

Thank you for your prayer support this week, as we prepare for our annual conference. We will have guests from throughout Haiti and some special friends and family from the States joining us. And remember that we are praying for you and would love to hear from you with any special requests.

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