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17th Annual Conference

It's hard to imagine that this is the 17th time we've put on this conference. I remember the first one. It was the same week we finally were able to move into our new home in Grand-Goâve. Stephen Sandoval and Jim Murphy, our very first visiting "group" at this new mission were a part of that conference, too. This year Jim's grand daughter joined us for the conference.

Stephen Sandoval at our very first conference

Second Annual Conference

Our missionary friends, Laramie and Amy Brown (whose family is fondly referred to as the Brownies) kindly introduced us to their pastor, Kevin, and he became the key speaker at this year's conference. He kept the attendees on the edge of their seats with entertaining, and yet deep anecdotes and life-changing truths from the Bible.

Pastor Laramie and Lex also shared in the teaching sessions. Several Haitian pastors, including our beloved Pastor Revenais (Lex's pastor from his youth) from La Gonave, rounded out the times of singing, praying, and learning. We had a beautiful baptism service this morning in front of the missionary compound.

Baptism service at MOHI's missionary compound this morning

Dr. Emmanuel and his family joined us at the missionary compound for the weekend. He travels back and forth from Port-au-Prince to come work in our clinic. We've been asking him for some time to bring his family and we are so glad that he did. He and his wife have the most energetic little boy you'll ever meet. Cody and his baby sister, Lynn, seemed to enjoy their time out of the city.

As always, we are very grateful for our medical staff and all that they do for the health of our community. They were on call throughout the conference and were able to help some of our visitors.

Amy has been working from the library with several groups of students for the summer, as well as overseeing three computer club groups.

Coloring by numbers is a new activity for these girls

We're currently waiting on a team from White Stone Church in Knoxville, TN to arrive and looking forward to a good week with them.

Thanks for checking in with us, for your support and your prayers. Have a great week!

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